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Georges 100wc

One day there was a little boy named Jimmy. His mum was preparing for Easter. His mum was buying Easter eggs for him. When she bought the eggs and walked out the doors she noticed one was missing! She looked in there again. She noticed one was missing! She turned around. There was a mini […]

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                           THE SOUND OF DEATH In a far away land was a little boy who didn’t know what was going to happen to him! One day the boys mum woke him up and gave him breakfast. He went out with his mum and went rock climbing. At the top of the hill the boy noticed his mum was […]

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As I walk into the room, colours of the rainbow burst in front of my face. With Madam Sizerlac standing beside me, I faintly see the glass that’s reflecting the sun beams. Suddenly Madam Sizerlac slammed the door behind me! What was she doing leaving me with all these paints! With trepidation I stepped towards […]

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Week #12 Year 6

A group of year six pupils wrote this together. Let us know what you think. Dear friends affected in the Philippines, We have head about your troubles, we have read about your struggles and we are here to help. Even though we are far away, we still care about what has happened to you. It […]

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Georgeh 6T Week #11

Sitting on the beach remembering what happened in World War 1 when the loud gunns were firing, people shouting,horses balancing on there hind legs. I have been here before….. In my town, I was gazing at the destruction and fire and my mum grabbing me by the ribs and jumping onto a train to a […]

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George H, 6T, Week 8

Glowing  in the dark, his pale white skin was covered in oozing pimples. His fangs of a snake had sunk into peoples neck and were sucking the warm, red blood out. His deep, navy blue eyes were glancing at the dark endless night sky. Rotten flesh sat under this curved, triangular fingernails. Shining in the night sky were […]

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George, Week #7 – The deserted fun fair

In a deserted fun fair I was walking up to the Cobra when suddenly, I heard a twig snap. There must be someone here! “Hello, who’s there, why are you here.” I looked around, there was no one there. Slowly I made my way to the Cobra. I started up the ride , I climbed […]

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On christmas eve night

Upon a hill, on a Christmas –Eve night, there was a dilapidated spooky sweet shop. In that sweet shop there was a deathly terror.  As the shop was closing there were some children at the door wanting some toffees. The children were funny cheerful children standing on a bright orange pavement. With the children was […]

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        Upon a hill in New Zealand there lived a gigantic wizard slug named David. David lived in a cave on at the edge of the hill with his man eating cauldron. The slug hated human, because the humans always kill slugs. One day David got fed up of having to make […]

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George, 6T

One day I was wondering around in the park then suddenly I walked into a different dimension! I hadn’t realised I had walked into it, there was no turning back the portal had closed I’m stuck here, all alone. I was scared! What should I do? I couldn’t go back. I turned around and then […]

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