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The bench by Grace

For millions of years a story went round that no one should never sit on the stone bench. It was black and all day a cat sat on it. One day a girl named Moon decided to to put a camera out in the park to see if the cat would come alive and if […]

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by grace Week 21

Ella was 11 years old and she was forced to move house this meant giving her 6 cats away but what Ella didn’t know that it was a trick. “no I don’t want to move house cant I just stay hear with Grace” groaned Ella “NO” shouted Ella’s mom. Tracy, Ella’s mom, dragged her in […]

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Watching Austen and Ally, suddenly it all went black. I was sat on my bed, listening to my mom shouting THE LIGHTS GONE! Slightly scared of the dark, I heard barking, I thought it came from under the bed “she must be barking at my cat.” I climbed under the bed thinking the thing I […]

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by grace

He was shocked to find,a big eyed cream colored lion cub,”who are you said the lord” “im Tink she mumbled why are you hear” angrily said the lord a cold shiver ran up the tigers spine “you should not have band imagination bring it back” “whats in it for me” sheekily said the lord “like […]

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by grace m

Dear diary Last night, I had a bad dream, I’ll tell you what I can remember, I was a soldier in war. First we had to dig a big trench what took 5 hours it so tiring. Next the captain gave us huge weapon, knifes, blades, guns and swords. all we done for ages was […]

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the brigde by grace

In France there stood a bridge. It stood for many years. People would sit and have lunch on it. Kids would run back and forth or maybe some people would just look at the view.   One night a little girl named Sammy –Jo went to bed. She had a dream about the bridge. There […]

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