How have we used our 100 words this week?

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harry r week 21

Target: full stops …The silence was deafening… Week 21 I’m in the hot Sahara desert and I have had no drinks for 21 days so my frowet is stinging. I’m getting weaker and weaker so can someone get me some water before i dying. In the distance i can see a house{running running} I finally […]

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harry 100wc week 19

my target to put a capital letter for a name. The Dark Street It was a dark misty night and there was a glowing light in the sky went I heard a creaking sound in the distance. Then I heard a screaming sound very near me so then my heart was in my mouth. I […]

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harry r year 6 week 18

Saturday night me and my friends are at a party.The lights started to twitch on and off, it looked scary went the lights went off. we heard a scream from someone, so then the lights they went of and did not come back. on so then the horror started then the nartzies started to attake […]

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week 17 Harry

I will use capital letters and full stops. It was one dark creepy night i was in my bedroom and my light bold broke and my dad went out to find a light from Asda and he got stuck in traffic so I got scared… 2 hours later my dad got back and I said […]

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