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As I was walking back from my nans house I bumped into this neon brightly coloured settee with a dark pink cat on the top that had a gap in it so you could see what was in there. I strolled closer and closer to it and the top of the cat flung open. Lying […]

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Jessica .p

on Saturday afternoon shayla went out with her best friend Jessica to a wildlife park. Before they went, they stopped off to get a sandwich because shayla was hungry . on there way to the wildlife park Jessica saw a mountain and Jessica thought it would be funny to climb over the mountain and see […]

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Jess, Elsie and Shayla Week 19

It was midnight and all was quiet. As Shayla, Jess and Elsie crept down the steep old creaky stairs down, down, down they went until finally they came to the green, rackety door. Slowly they crept out and shut the door behind them. They were casually walking down the road when all of a sudden […]

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shayla and jess

Lacy was in the most beautiful poncho shop ever and she was going to buy one but she could not decide what one she wanted . In the shop was all different materials and she was feeling them all but she was very picky. Suddenly in the corner of her eye she saw a plain […]

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Jess Week 8 – In the forest

I was walking through the deep dark forest, when I thought that I bumped into a person that was in the woods as well as me. But then I turned on my phone and then I saw that it was not a person it was this tall dark thing stood right in front of my […]

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