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As I was walking back from my nans house I bumped into this neon brightly coloured settee with a dark pink cat on the top that had a gap in it so you could see what was in there. I strolled closer and closer to it and the top of the cat flung open. Lying […]

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Jessica .p

on Saturday afternoon shayla went out with her best friend Jessica to a wildlife park. Before they went, they stopped off to get a sandwich because shayla was hungry . on there way to the wildlife park Jessica saw a mountain and Jessica thought it would be funny to climb over the mountain and see […]

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Jessica.p week 15

My Target: Capital Letters The Halloween night. Hi my name is Jessica and tonight is Halloween. My mum said that I can have a party. But only to celebrate Halloween otherwise I would not be aloud to have one. i’m inviting my best friend Elsie over 1 minute before the party starts so that she […]

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jessica.p week 14

in 1949 a ship in america sail away with over 2000 people.on the ship they would sail all sorts of things like: all of the posh foods like crab and lobster also all of the posh drinks like wine, port and sham pain. And then one day on the 25th of November 1949 a ship […]

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Jessica.p week 12

He was shocked to find a flying green Elephant. The Elephant had red demons eyes and a human looking face. Also the elephant had sharp claws and sharp teeth. The lord of nulf was looking at the Elephant and it looked about 7 or 8 feet tall. Then scared the lord of nulf stepped back abit. The Elephant […]

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jessica p week 11

My ww1 poem!!! Remember world war 1 Everyone who fighted for our country and died Many people died and lost there lives in ww1 Everyone who lost their families and friends Most people were marching everywhere they went Blood scattered all over the floor and on clothes. Early hours in the morning getting up and […]

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jess week 7

On saturday I went to Louises house and she had a dog me and louise took  the dog for a walk. altho the sun was shining, it was still a little bit chilly. the dog ran to the end of the path and a man took him. we chased him for as long as we […]

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jess week 6

  Hello my name is Pettle  I have one nice sister called Precious, one evil sister called Princess and last to top off all of the girls I have a twin sister called shayla a baby brother called preston. I was sitting in the living room holding preston when princess came out of her  bedroom […]

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Jess – The party – Week 5

“Mum on friday it is Jessica’s birthday” said Kira. “And obviously you will let me go because you love me” she spoke sarcastically. “yes you can go to her party I will talk to her mum for you ok” said her mum. Kira ran upstairs and called Jess and told her to come over and […]

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jessica week 4

  “Mum, dad can I please  have a crocodile that likes to eat pepper for my birthday”. “ no jack” said mum.I sighed and walked away.I walked to my bedroom and sat on my soft bouncy bed. A couple of weeks later and it was my birthday.I rushed down stairs to see what I had. […]

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