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kai week 23

Hi its me again Finally we broke free from syria’s base and ran to the nearest town but it was destroyed. Were all exhausted we got to a bench I called shotgun so I got to sleep on the bench. Suddenly we was awoken by the syrians shouting “get them.” We all jumped up and […]

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kai week 21

Hi its me again but this time were still inside syria’s prison. Were all kicking the bars and pulling on them, until a grenade rolled in and we all walked back. We felt our backs hit the wall it followed us is was a deafening silence then the grenade went pop it didn’t even make […]

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kai week 20

Hi it’s me again but this time I’m reading you a diary that my child Tyler wrote me last week. Hi daddy last week I went to the zoo with mummy and uncle Darren. Firstly we went to the birds they were really cool there were Woodpeckers, parrots and nice colourful birds. After that we […]

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kai week 19

Hi its me again but this time I’m reading you a diary from my wife and son. It start now. Hi its been a hard day today, some young man grabbed our son Tyler and pulled him into a fresh green bush with some brown leaves. I managed to get the man off of our […]

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Kai week 17

“Hi its me again, sssshhh me and my specially trained forces are sneaking into Syria’s military base”. “Come on boys we’re almost there” whispered the captain. As we enter the fire exit door right at the back of the base there was a really bright light. The light is so bright all of our team […]

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Kai Week 15

Hi its me again, but this time i’m on my way back to my family in the UK. Because its christmas, i’m shaking like a leaf, the plane’s wobbling from turbulence, i’m shaking.i’m nervous. Meanwhile, at home we’re setting up a surprise party for celebration when he comes home.we’re all sitting in the house waiting […]

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100 word challenge by Kai

When I was walking home from school, I went my normal route. Whilst I was walking down the road, where my mate lives there was a blue van I had never seen before. It went round the corner but it came back round and again and the last time the doors on the back opened […]

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kai week 12

He was shocked to find a Ginger cat that had a broken neck wich was dangling and he had his guts round his neck and his heart in his neck. He growled to the lord “I am your worst nightmare”. If your wondering why i’m all messed up its because I had a fight with […]

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remember by kai

When I was in the army I got captured and took en to the enemy bass and got torched.It was painful they burnt my hands and cut of my fingers took all of my clothes of and tied a rope to my legs and pulled me around the trenches and threw me in barb wire. […]

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kai week 8

IMPORTANT NEWS REPORT. Everyone be careful in the woods if you are under 18 i recommend you don’t go in there. We’Ve already had a report of someone going in there and they got their heart ripped out. But one day a little child aged 8 walked into the horrid forest and saw a what […]

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Kai Week 7

100 Word Challenge Week 7   …I could not believe the smell… Hi im in the army were just about to raid the main base of afghanistan. Its not a nice way we’re going to do it we’re putting on gas masks and we found a window and were throwing tear gas into their base […]

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killer by kai

one very,very long day in the garden I was playing football I heard a big BANG! It sounded like a musket I went indoors and my mum said”it sounded like it came from next door”. We ran outside and our neighbours door was open we quietly creeped inside. We stayed low to keep out of […]

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kai fantastic Week 6

I was able to see again… One very,very hot day someone poked me in both eyes. But then I couldn’t see. I went to run home but then I remembered that I am blind. I fell to the floor a tear slowly ran down my blind eye. Someone helped me home obviously i did not […]

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kai week 5

…as I looked around… Hi im in the war.Im upset because my brother just got killed its a horrible story. He was a gunner as he looked around the corner he got SHOT by a 50cal sniper took his head clean off it was a horrible sight. Im not saying nothing anything else right now […]

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kai week 4

Once upon a time there was a family of five. Four  of them was eating a lovely roast on a sunday night the when dad said “please pass me the peppa” while the little one woke up from his sleep. he walked down the long corridor to get a orange then he remembered he forgot […]

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