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Katherine’s 100 word challenge week # 23

100 word challenge week # 23 Capital letters for names.   On my way to my friend’s house Bridget like all ways when noticed a strange couch so i went to investigate and then I fell … slipping further down the light edging away from me my life flashing in front of my eyes then […]

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Katherine’s 100 WC week 20

Target :POWERFUL VERBS katherine`s 100 word challenge week 20   I was climbing up a hill with my best friend kiera she was miserable ALL the way up and ALL the way down. SO at the bottom I offered her a sandwich but she was still grey so we started to walk home until it […]

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Katherine`s week 19

week 19 I was in my room and I was decorating my wall in my bedroom and suddenly there was a bang! So I turned around and there was a man, holding a gun to someone’s head and saying “Give me your money”. The victim replied “no!” as he struggled to get away. So the […]

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Katherine Week 18 100WC

100 word challenge week 18 19.1.15 On sunday , me and my dad went to the car boot sale and we went to every single stall until  we come  to the lucky dip stand and i had a go at  it and what was that i could feel it was all slimy and scaly when […]

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Katherine 100 word challenge week 13

One morning I was lying in my tent on my holiday when suddenly it all went pitch black and I just sat still and pretended that it was all in my head but as the laves rustled a strange man stopped out side of my tent and came in and grabed me; and throw me […]

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100 word challing by kathrine ac

As Amy ran away from a demon trying to posses her and take her to the dark side. When Amy was sprinting through the dark and gloomy forest she stumbled over a floating log. Amy son fell into a strange candy land full of gummy bears. Gummy bears grabbed and pushed me into a live […]

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Katherines 100 word challange #W6

It was so strange one day I could see and work then I couldn’t. I just layed there for what seemed like forever it was horrible I couldn’t see my friends or family then I heard that Sight savers were only 39 blocks away so my daughter guided me there. One of the volunteers said […]

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Katherine 100 Week 3

I had been running for what seemed like forever from a strange man. I ran weving throu the house and slid down a chort hill and ran across a damp forist flo and I ran over a brige but it was only hart a brige  I skremed at the top of ove my voce “I […]

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