How have we used our 100 words this week?

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Keeleigh yr 6 100wc

       The Egg???   The sound of hands banging on rusty metal bars echoed through the hall. I glared at the phone as it let out a shrill cry. I edged towards it. I picked up the receiver “Officer Milk where’s the E.G.G?” came a grunt “Could you remind me what E.G.G stands for […]

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Keeleigh,6p 100wc week 18

A GIRLS SADNESS   Suzy, a four year old girl, wept in the corner of a dilapidated shed clutching her first and only toy. Her ripped, pink dress that matched her shoes was soaking wet from tears. The door creaked open. A bright white eye stared at her. Her blood red lips quivered with fear […]

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Suddenly the door shut. The floor started to swallow everything that was on it. I heard Clarisse shouting “NEXT IT’S GOING TO BE US!” My eyes began to sting, as gas filled the room. I soon realized I was falling. I landed on something soft. The room was grey and paints were laid upon the […]

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Running into the glimmering sea, I felt the strong ocean gushing warm water against my feet. Suddenly, the sky changed from a calming blue to a miserable grey. At first I thought nothing of it and carried on splashing around. Then, I started to have my doubts…The next thing I knew, I was being dragged […]

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