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week 23 kieran

Week 22 Once there lived a chimpanzee called Mia and her best friend Archie the pig Charlie could fly a Helicopter one day he got a stone sofa and tied it to the end of her helicopter and dropped it in the middle of nowhere which was a mistake because his best friend foot was […]

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week 21 kieran

Manchester United was going against chelsea (I hate chelsea) rooney and terry (the two captains) did heads and tails rooney won manchester united are starting “ wayne rooney running down the line volleyed it down van persie and diego costa tackles him from the behind its a penalty for manchester united and a red card […]

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week 20 my target : punctuation Once there was Hyena who lived under a bed one day he went on a hike he was to climb to the top of the mountain he was miserable about it but what cheered harry the hyena was that he had a chicken salad sandwich it was at the […]

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week19 Kieran H

There was boy called Jeff he was walking home from football he was walking in the dark and murky streets then… Jeff felt someone walking slowly , slowly , slowly behind him he turned round there was no one there but so he thought then he heard a rustle in the trees a leaf gently […]

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week 18 Kieran

100 word challenge #week 18 Woke up this morning I could feel something wet It was water my baby sister poured it over me.It was very cold and I had an open cut and it spilt into the cut so it dried up.I had to get out of bed and downstairs to snitch my sister […]

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100 world challenge week 14 kieran

It was a warm summer morning it was very calm until… the ship started to sink ever so slowly you wouldn’t notice it. Then Jim [the Captian]jumped of the edge the boat when the ship crashed into a country Ben and tom [the only survivers] didn’t know what country they were in well until they heard […]

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kieran Week 13

One  windy afternoon after school  a boy named jack was playing with his favorite lego figure .He threw his figure in the air and it landed in a deep hollow tree stump so jack crept  deviously through the deep ,dark and gloomy forest .But as the leaves rustled the tree stump was camouflaged and he […]

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week 12 kieran

He was shocked to find a monkey crouched in the corner of the bag and he was frightened of the malevolent lord of nulth. “ WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!” said the lord of nulth  with a rasping voice. “Did you really think you could escape you ball of fluff? You are very bad at […]

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kieran week 11

day1 The first day of the war was not go so well but at least I survived the muddy, slushy, and vile trench today.I almost got shot because I had no ammunition left but  joe jumped in front of the deadly machine gun sadly joe died. I  had a nasty cut luckily I went to […]

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kieran week 8

murderous mayhem   Once there lived a person called alistair johnson mayhem and one day he got pushed into a pit, 12 years lateralistair crawled out of the muddy pit when alistair came out the hole he was all scrappy,unhappy,coughing and he stumbled to his feet then he went to the halloween shop and bought […]

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kieran’s blog

100 Word Challenge Week 7   …I could not believe the smell…   DAY1   I could not believe the smell that pie smelt delicious but we had to have it after the match against portugal right the whistle has blown ronaldo passes to nani sturridge tackles nani and he passes to sterling i’m in […]

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Kieran Week 6

iI have got my boots,my socks and shin pads I was ready for this match it is argentina vs germany I don’t like losing I think we are going to win. Its time for the match oh no zabaleta got slide tackled by mertesacker he got a red card and I took a penalty and […]

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kieran week 5

…as he looked around… Once there lived a man called james bond A.K.A 007 one day he went to brazil and lept onto a train and was battling an alien but as he turned around it shape shifted into a man but 007 pulled out his ak47 fast enough and blow him up with his […]

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Kieran week 4

Once upon a  time there was a german boy  called Bob all he wanted was a orange orangutan .so one night   he snuck out of his bedroom and sprunt to to the zoo then went to the fish and chips so bob got the pepper and sprinkled it on his food  that he stole that […]

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Kieran 100 WC #3

In France there is two boys called Tayler and Neeo witch lives in a nice house they set off to adventure they travelled to England to find two certain people called Alfonzo and mason they found them and went to panda labs Tayler picked up a device called the tainter and sent it back to […]

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