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leanne mill 100 word challenge week 23

LIVE NEWS This morning a discovery was made when twenty year old Ely from north London found a mysterious black, old sofa on the side of a wood. Only 100 meters away from the town’s site, people have been told to stay away from this discovery for health and safety. While crowds are being controlled […]

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leanne week 21

The silence is deafening. All I could hear was my head going bang, bang, bang over and over again. All my friends and class mates had gone home, all the teachers had gone home and even the head teacher had gone home. Just me and the walls. Although I was alone, I had this feeling […]

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leanne 100 word challenge week 20

On the second of Febuary Riders school was going on a school trip to the zoo on a grey day. Even though the children didn’t have to do eney work, they were all miserable on the way there. When they finally arrived they had there sandwich and snack. After lunch they walked all the way […]

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Leanne Week 19

Suddenly there stood a strange figure in the street light. “Come with me child” he said. Pip slowly stepped back. “Don’t be scared my child,” Pip slowly tried to step back again. “If you don’t come with me I will curse you’re family.” Pip, without thinking ran away in a hurry. The monstrous man just […]

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100 word challenge week 18 leanne

One night I was in my room ready to go to bed. So I got into bed and turned of the lights. When it was about two oclock in the morning, I woke up and plade on my phone for half an hour. After I plade on my phone, I layed in the dark thinking […]

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leanne week 15 100 wc

My Target. spellings. One christmas eve in hollywood a masive celebration party took place in a gigantic manchion. The party was like an explosion it was so messy. Suddenly, the front door openend cccrrreeeeeekkkk. Then out of no were beths mum walked in “What have you done to my house”shouted her mum. Terefied, all the […]

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leanne 100 word challenge week 14

Live news… A sailing ship has been reported being washed in to land. Scientests are looking at the ship to find what corced it to wash out on land. Live news have spoke to the public to find out what they think about this descuverey. Clide Luke says… With finding this arrivel, the morgoritey of […]

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100 word challenge week 13 leanne raccoons

In an alley way… but as the leaves rustled  a ginger cat slowly walked through as the wind whistled outside. Suddenly a big, fat leave dropped to the ground and drifted away with gusty wind… After the ginger cat followed the leave for half an hour, it lightly dropped to the ground. Out of no […]

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100 word challenge week 12 leanne mill

He was shocked to find a black eyed Rabbit that had a sperit  of light that the Lord Nulth didd’nt like. The rabbet ran past the evil metal man but one of his ghardes cort him before he had the chance to exape. The tin metal boddey gharde throw him to the growned with a […]

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Leanne’s Remember 100 word challenge

…Remember… Live news… Today poppies are worn to remember the soldiers that had died in world war one. 100 years ago soldiers entered the battle field to represent their country. Loudly the men charge at the Germans to take aim and shoot. With every gallop on their horses they took  the more they fear that […]

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100 word challenge week 8 leanne

Portsmouth news live… In Portsmouth a black demon figure was caught on tape in a country field park. It has been found that it was the prison escapee in 2004, but not traced. Suddenly it was caught and arrested for life and it left a trail behind it like a snail. He doesent speek a […]

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100 word challenge week seven leanne

        In 2000 a girl called Sam lived in a old cottage with her nan and grandad. As soon as she got home from school on a wednesday night, her nan had cooked a delicious pork roast meal. When she  walked through the door from school she  couldent beleive the smell of […]

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100 word challenge week six Leanne

…suddenly I was able to see again… A blind and poor man called Trever lived with his wife named Linda. Linda had hired a e dog for her huspend for him being blind. “Thank you Linder, just what needed” said Trever. so for years Trever and lucy (the guide dog) went out together and played […]

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leanne 100 word challenge week 5.

one night there was a little girl she lived with her mum and dad in an old cottage. Suddenly her mum and dad came up to her one day in her bedroom , they were holding a cage… Inside the cage was a ginie pig that lousy (the little girl) had allways wounted. Her mum […]

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