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Lewis M Week 23 100 WC

Target: Better Punctuation A while ago, I travelled to a distant country, called Scotland. Scotland, was an English country that was filled with green, fresh trees, cosy, warm cottages and happy towns people. There was a young man, who was called Frank. Frank, had wavy black hair, green seaweed eyes and blue pantaloon trousers. Frank: […]

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Lewis M Week 20 100 Wc

Target: Choose better words and make sure they make sense   Struggling Malicious Astounding  …   Weeks ago, I was chosen to save the Golden Hyena in distant Africa. It was covered, in silky, gold patterns with tiny fangs like a sharp pencil. If you saved it, you would get money that would save you […]

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Lewis M Week 18 100 WC

Thousands of years ago, I went for a walk in the woods. The wind was howling and the fresh evening air was filled with the aroma of crunchy leaves and dead moss. Then, I saw a shady figure. It walked around for a while then evaporated into thin air. Astounded and slightly confused, I ran […]

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Lewis M 100 WC Week 15

I woke up, feeling slightly dazed. Then, I remembered. Now was the time. Slowly and carefully, I grabbed my light blue dressing gown and opened my bedroom door. Feeling nervous and excited I crept onto the stairs. I saw a strange looking balloon, and a plastic, red Santa staring at me with bewildered eyes. I […]

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Lewis M 100 WC WEEK 14

A few days ago, I was walking on the rocks with my team of Water Marines. We were investigating the rusty, old ship with the tattered hull and spikes through the sides. Suddenly, we saw the ship over the horizon, gleaming in the sunlight. We had finally found it. An Archaeologist reported to us that […]

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Lewis 100 WC Week 13

Today, I walked home from school. It was really dark really early. Also, it was the night before Halloween. As I trudged through the isolated streets, I saw a dark figure. I thought I imagined it so I carried on walking. Suddenly, all of the lights went out. Then, I saw a glowing cinder. I […]

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lewis week 12 100 wc

He was shocked to find a miniature zebra with a piece of parchment in its hand. The parchment opened. Lord Nulth gaped in horror. His metal helmet shivering with fear. Slowly, the minions approached the parchment and passed it to Lord Nulth. Then, the robotic animals lunged at the petrified zebra and tied it up […]

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lewis 100 wc week 11

It was 1914. My older brother was eighteen and a war was stirring up. My brother decided that he wanted to go to war. I was too young. I was only fifteen. You have to be seventeen to apply. I told him not to go but he just ignored. My brother had been in war […]

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lewis 100 wc week 8

One day, I went for a walk through the breezy, fresh park. Suddenly fog started floating around the park. In the middle of the fog was a hooded figure. I stopped walking and stared ahead of me. Then the figure ran towards me. I was so scared I could not move. The cloaked figure grabbed […]

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Lewis 100 WC Week 7

A few days ago, my best friend came round to play. We were playing football in the garden when the ball hit the shed. Suddenly a massive hole appeared. We both jumped in and started running down it. My friend heard a scream so he sprinted like lightning towards the noise. I followed. I could […]

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Lewis week 6 100 WC

Hello, my name is Lewis. Sadly I was blind but now I can see!!! This is my story. I lived in an tiny African village in the north of Sasikini. I was in the fields collecting some food and water for my family. Then I found an old tatty jug with some clear liquid in […]

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lewis 100 wc week 5

A few days ago, my parents allowed me and my friend to go in in the forest by my house. The forest was huge and scary. The legend has it that a young boy went in there and they never found him again. We had just arrived. The trees were swaying and leaves were falling […]

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Yesterday, I went to visit my granddad in France. It was a sunny afternoon, the birds were chirping, and the green grass was swaying in the breezy air. My granddad decided we should take a walk through the forest. Later we had arrived and we had just started walking through. All I could hear was […]

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lewis 5p

Today I went to the funfair. It  was the first time I’ve been there .Me, my two brothers, my mum and my dad walked in the entrance. There was games everywhere. I ran to a booth it had a funny looking orange  character and a tortoise. I turned around I saw my friend ben. I […]

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Lewis, 5P

I did not know what it was but it was moving closer and closer. I shouted hello but there was no answer.  I ran. I did not look behind me. I kept on running until I got to safety finally I saw a tree. I sprinted behind the tree to get a deep breath. I […]

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