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the settee[100wc week23]

I was sat on the settee.My friends called it the settee of truth.Only so I would make some wooden weapons and we would pretend to kill each other .that was before we started to go to the pizza castle ,that became are favorite place but we would go to the settee every now and then […]

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Why did I do it ? Mason Week 21

I still hear her scream. “little girl found dead” the paper will say. Going to prison I’m basically there right now. The silence is deafening. Her blood made my hand a dark red covered mess. Now I’m sat in a corner rocking back and forward the police are now banging on the door but they […]

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Street scene – Mason

The dim lights got brighter as I moved forward. I cant remember why I walked out of my house in the middle of the night. To be honest, I live in a creepy town because loads of people say we all live on a graveyard. And I believe it because a body’s were found by […]

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mason 100wc week 15

My Target: punctuation Dan and Bob are still training on each other “eevee use iron tail .“ Said squrtle flu back. “squirtle come back” . Shouted Bob.He gave a present to Dan ,who forgot it was christmas, and it was red in a strange shape.”here you go” Bob said.As Dan opend it a egg came […]

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100wc mason week 12

Click here to see the video He was shocked by what he saw a large group of small animals with a tail like a raccoons ,2 sets of wings and a body of a cat.One of the animals opened their mouth and breathed in 2 of the robots . “oh no “ shouted the lord […]

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100wc mason week 11

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100wc week 11 mason

On 11th November each year, people remember those who have died fighting in wars and conflicts. This year we are commemorating the centenary of World War I. The prompt this week is:   …Remember…   You might like to write about how it felt to be left at home worrying; you may want to write […]

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mason 100wc week 8

The adventure continues with Dan and  Bob “Eevee hold on!” shouted Dan.”Onix come back” Ordered roxanne.she knew eevee  was special to Dan so she asked  him to have a double battle (A double battle is 2 on 2 or 2 on 1 so the 1 will have to use 2 pokemon) “ok” Dan said  as […]

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mason 100wc week7

100 Word Challenge Week 7   …I could not believe the smell… Another day in the Hoenn region Dan is continues his adventure with Jack .They went straight   to the first gym leader but on the way they found a vulpix “i call dibs” dan said. he threw a pokeball …… yes he caught it” […]

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mason week 6

…suddenly I was able to see again… In a world split into 5 regions named Kanto , Sinnoh,Hoen, Unova and Kalos.Dan lived in Hoenn .One day his mum woke him up because he was goin to git his first pokemon from professor rex. he rushed to get dressed until  he realised he already had a […]

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mason Week 5

Once in a world known as hell/heaven the souls were protected by soul reapers but no one was safe from hollows they ete people and souls the soul reapers protect and slay the hollows. Here is the diary of a reaper in the war of life ,Im going to die sooner or later,.

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mason week 4

There was a land a land like no other  except red,green,blue,yellow and pink people. Multi coloured animals :oring crocodiles,crimson rabbits!ow I almost forgot about  evil fish with razor sharp teeth red eyes creepy legs they are hunted for meat.  

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