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Oliver week 18 100 wc

What was that I could feel? It was a tingling up my spine, a strange feeling in my gut.The more I thought about it, the more terrified I became. If It could touch me, If I could feel it, then it was alive. I didn’t dare turn around. Fearful, terrified but intrigued I slowly risked […]

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oliver 100wc week#15

Dear diary, I awoke this morning filled with joy. I leapt out of bed to glance out my window and see some white cotton on the ground outside. Then I spotted a red velvet sack at the end of my bed. Dare I look inside it? I said to myself. Today was celebration day I […]

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Oliver 100wc week#14

I asked my old grandad,who was on the old ship I saw on Monday , can you tell me about what happened that fateful,scary,frightening night.” Yes of course he said to me.” One night it was dark and foggy aboard M.S Dark Waters, the captain could hardly see. Then all of a sudden a loud […]

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Oliver week#13 100wc

Walking home from my school, which fills me with fear, I looked around blinded by darkness, shadows surrounding me I felt isolated. Walking down the misty streets I noticed as I walked past each street lamp they went off. The more I walked forward, the more frightened I felt. All of a sudden I spotted […]

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Oliver 100wc week #12

He was shocked to find a baby tiger. One of Lord Nulth’s guards exclaimed in an interested manner “what is it?” Lord Nulth replied “It’s … It’s … It’s a tiger … a baby one.” The Lord held the bag tightly with his sharp metal claws. Roughly he emptied the bag by shaking up and […]

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oliver 100wc week 11

Remembering the war makes me feel unhappy, Everyone should remember the war, Many soldiers died so we could live, Everyone who fought in the war were brave, Most soldiers in the war were injured or suffered life changing injuries, Beaming in the sun poppies blow in Flanders Fields, Elegantly people place flowers on soldier’s graves […]

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Oliver week 8 100 wc

Entering the forest the nature surrounding me. The more I travelled through the deserted forest the more scared I felt with the dry crisp leaves beneath my feet. As I got closer I could smell the pongy whiff of manure. All of a sudden I jerked backwards as I turned round a corner to see […]

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Oliver week 6 100 wc

In 1939 the start of World War II I was getting ready in the bunkers of the English when all of a sudden boom rocks spitted everywhere and craters moulded into the ground. Gases and smoke, which polluted the air as far as the eye could see, blinded my eyes for hours. Although I carried […]

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Oliver 100 WC #5

In the dark of the forest mist among the ground many creatures lurked. Slowly stumbling over old tree stumps I found ruin in the middle of the forest. Covered in cobwebs it was clearly visible as the bright light of the misty moon perched in the pitch black sky. The ruin stood tall and strong […]

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Oliver 100 WC Week #3

The trees stand as tall and as still as soldiers. I can smell hot dogs being cooked in a burger van just across the road. The crystal blue sky and white fluffy clouds drift across it. A bridge strangely crosses halfway across the unmoved lake. Tourists cross the bridge looking at all the beautiful sights […]

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Oliver ,5s week8

Like a bat in the dark creeping from the shadows, the frozen creature breathed hard. Looking around I couldn’t see a thing. When suddenly I shook as if a snake was slithering on my back. All in one moment the elusive creature must have stepped on the old cree3ky floorboard. I flinched. Gooey thick liquid […]

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Hippty hop do the pavement trot Doppty   dop do the toirtoise move Orangy orange  get grooving on it When you have a poem just groove along When you take a poem just laugh and dance Bom Bom Bom Wavy wavy waves waved like honey Funny  fun , fun like family Boppty bop Hippty hop Laugh […]

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Oliver, 5S 100 Word Challenge

James lived with his parents in a council flat in America. everyday James had to go to school in an unknown area .one day James was trundling back from school when he just remember that fake wand that the bully from school tried to humiliate him with .He pulled it from his unnoticed pocket ,it […]

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