How have we used our 100 words this week?

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They Hadn’t Arrived

THEY HADN’T ARRIVED! The door knocked. The dog barked. A letter came through. I thought to myself HUH! I never get letters. I had butterflies in my belly. Was it a good thing? Was I meant to be happy? Well, I decided to open the letter. My jaw dropped. I screamed “ yippy.” My mum […]

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Week #12 Year 6

A group of year six pupils wrote this together. Let us know what you think. Dear friends affected in the Philippines, We have head about your troubles, we have read about your struggles and we are here to help. Even though we are far away, we still care about what has happened to you. It […]

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paige 6p week 11

Slowly, I walked through old derelict woods . Guns firing, people dying, horses neighing. I was confused , I didn’t know what was going on, thoughts popped in my head. Terrifyingly, dead body’s lay in front of me souls filed the air with distort whispers. There in front of me was a glisten bright light. […]

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Paige, Year 6 Week 4

There standing right in front of me, with its beastly yellow eyes and monstrous teeth was the caldron of hate, but his feelings for me were unstoppable. His eyes glimmered when they reached mine. I was scared. I felt loved. Confusion took over my body. Walking towards him, suddenly I felt worried, mysteriously I saw […]

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