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Saffron Week 21

Lo: to put grammar in my work.   One stormy day  I was  walking  in  the school I saw  a  misty  figure run  straight  past  me I  jumped out  of  my  skin  and hopped back  about ten spaces  I  thought I was  going to  die then I … screamed  out  of no where  mr pygot […]

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Saffron week 13 bears

Me  and my  friend  Molly were   walking in the woods .Then I saw a misty figure  walking  up to  us I SCREMED . and I ran. as fast as I could when I got out I remembered  all  about  molly then I called her twice but nothing  then I thought she must  have ran  round  […]

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Saffron Week 12

He was shocked to find a small pony. Although it was cute and fluffy it had an evil look in its eye. Little did Lord Nulth know that this pony could shoot lazers from his eye, killing someone in the blink of an eye. Lord Nulth looked at his stone soldiers and asked “What is […]

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saffron100wc week 8

I was in the woods. looking for something to do me and my friends we was so board all there was trees , twigs and drips of water spilt on my head it was so cold. Then I saw a fox. Eyes peered out at us. Then rio said RUN…. Shakira had to stop to […]

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saffron 100wc #w6

In England the war was . happening I had to stay in because I did not see my family had to look after me I can die if I went out . and I say to my mom all the time .when can I see mom said I don’t know son I am so sorry. […]

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In France they have a great bridge but the funny thing is it stop s halfway it has a brilliant view you can see all the cars drive past and see a castle but you can see lots of houses and trees they look like over sized bushes t has a crystal clear sky is […]

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