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Sloan 100wc week 23

Target: To use the correct punctuation   One late Monday night two men called Kieron and Sloan went on an adventure their hometown was abandoned… Until these hero’s had to save their hometown by finding the magic stone chair to stop Darth Vader and his apprentice Darth Maul. But in all of sudden a stone […]

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Sloan 100 WC Week 13

In a spooky, dark,misty forest there lived a Ewok king. The king told his head Chief of the guards. The Chief isn’t very impressed. “WHAT THE!!!!!!!!” said Clayton Carmine. The Kings instincts were right all this time. He was being watched. But as the leaves rustled, the King shivered with fear and horror. The King […]

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Sloan week 8 100 wc

I was walking through the park when I saw a black figure standing in between two trees in the distance. And it was a very misty day, he also had an axe witch he used in the war of the romans. There stood next to this mysterious black figure, there was a post sign on […]

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By Sloan# week 6

In a dark and spooky forest I saw a troll with to swords, forty throwing knives he also had a gravity hammer. The troll had a giant lunge a me with a roman long sword in his hands. I had no choice but to stomp on the floor it made both me and the troll […]

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Sloan 100 WC #3

  In 1997 there is a bridge in Luxurious France. Me and my Dad went for, a motor bike ride. We decided to visit the bridge in France. The bridge is half way across a river in France. We saw a burger van, a camp at the end of the bridge. I could see shiny […]

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