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The Easter Poem

One day in Easter, a very hot day, a friend of Abby’s came to play. This day was beautiful, sunny and pleasing but Abby’s fear of Nina was releasing… “Well where’s my egg?” groaned Nina smiling, “I’m sure I got one, I’m not lying.” She looked hard, But couldnt find the egg, “I’m still waiting.” […]

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Week #12 Year 6

A group of year six pupils wrote this together. Let us know what you think. Dear friends affected in the Philippines, We have head about your troubles, we have read about your struggles and we are here to help. Even though we are far away, we still care about what has happened to you. It […]

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Summer, 6T Week #11

Standing silently, I bowed my head, looking at all the claret velvet poppies. “Mummy,” the youngest child cried “what’s the matter?” All I heard was guns coughing. Then, I remembered. He saved me. He risked his poor life, for me, his only friend. Why would he do such a thing? Was it true love? Whatever it was, I […]

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Summer week 8

I glare at his spooky, strange sillouhette. My heart thumping, nearly out of my throught, like a camera, I zoomed in on his crooked teeth. Footsteps muffled as its thin legs trembled up to the creeking door. Eyes drooping, his mouth was opening as slow as a Venus Fly Trap. Blowing in the wind, its whispy, […]

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Summer, Week #7

Soaked, cold, broken, alone. On a dark, creepy street, there I was. I looked up at the tropical sunset. Puzzled, I glared hard at the sky which twisted and spiralled like there was going to be a twister. Slowly the sky got darker. I blinked hard. It was still circling the sky! Suddenly, I noticed […]

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Summer 6T

In the eerie distance, breathing heavily, I trembled towards the spine-tingling house, was it haunted? Walking along the pavement I reached the derelict door. Not daring to knock, it creaked open. Peering round the corner, a faded orange curtain waved at me. Continuing my way round the dilapidated building, I noticed pictures one was of […]

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Summer, 6T

Strolling along the amazingly stunning Paris, I bumped into this unique creature. I suddenly came to a halt and glared hard. Concentrating, I tried to make out what it was but it was far too mysterious. Suddenly I lit up like a light bulb, I thought I had figured out what this monstrous creature was, […]

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Summer, 6T

Looking confused, I wanted to reach out into the cold, pitch black darkness, but I can’t. I turned, I saw a bright light. Tip toeing towards the mysterious light, it got brighter, brighter than a shooting star soaring through the sky. Petrified, I heard a piercing scream. I held my breath and tried to be […]

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