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The dream Tayler week ~23

Target:Reduce speech   Jack fell with a thump as the radius of the brookerasurus slam. All Jack could see was darkness, evil’s darkness. Suddenly he woke up with a familiar wetness on his face. IT WAS RAIN! This was a feeling he had not felt in years. Sitting up he saw an island made of […]

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Tayler Week #21

Target: Spelling & Punctuation   “Who’s that? Recruit? anyone you know?”asked Serena “Oh It’s…It’s”as I take a closer look “Oh My Its Steven n’ Skylar What they doing here?”I said “Wait its your crew Members!”Serena asked “We need them open fire!  Wait..What Dimensional Portal for what?”   The Silence was deafening as a baby brookeasarus […]

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The mission Week ~20

My target: to spell correctly and to punctuate.   “Sarg I know hes fit for it I just know it C’mon SARG! “Said the instructor  who was munching on a soggy sandwich “Wait the hum um”came the overlooker as she walk down a steep staircase into the Simulation “Alright lets go Jack Oh by the […]

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Tayler Week 19

To make sure I don’t put Capital letters in middle of sentences. (Ironic) “C’mon sentinel don’t lie!” “Im not I don’t even come from this planet!” I said “Fine I’ll guess he is not one of them ,look Sarg just train him to be one of us and if you let him I’ll train him. […]

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spacerocket Warfare by tayler week~18

After the spaceCraft crash and the fate of the planet earth Jack,Steve and Skylar Adventures into the alien world, “So we just witnessed the death of humanity!” said Jack “Basically Oi what is thi- A laser bullet flew past me “Get Down!”shouted Steve “We gotta get the Laser Pistols from the cockpit of our Rocket! […]

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Tayler’s Space MissionWeek #17

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Blast off! our Rocket Exploded from the rocket staebler and Burned precious fuel as the rocket flew thousands feet from the surface of earth.”Velocity, “2948 MPH!,Duration of flight taken 2 minutes! and we are Fine for now i hope”said Mars Space Cadet Jack “Wh-What do ya’ll Mean Fine?! we are almost there only 2400 […]

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Tayler’s 100WC

He was shocked to find among the black tethered,silky cloth a pair of ears then suddenly HAAAAAa-YA! A tall animal pounced out of the sack. “Why have you tried to run?”declared the lord of nalith . “I have have came hear to defeat you and bring back Life and make this village a civilization again!”proclaimed […]

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Tayler’s 100Wc #8

One sunny morning I took my Dog, Marly in our favourite park when I could hear screams coming from the horizon. I ran around looking for answers but when I put my palm gasping for breath, a black figure lurked out of the fog. My dog went ballistic all of a sudden. I ran as […]

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Tayler P – 100 WC

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