How have we used our 100 words this week?

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Terri Week 15

My Target: To work on my structuring On my birthday I like to wake up really early because I love to open my presents before school. I ran as fast as could to go in the living room to find a big pile of presents. In the corner of the room there was a large […]

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Terri Week 12

He was shocked to find a scary bear that was stamp toward him.The bear said where am I. The lord  Nulf said you are in my secret  lair. I am going to cook you up and eat you. Lord Nulf said guards get him in a cage the bear said no. the bear kicked the […]

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Terri 100 challenge week 11

Dear Mum and Dad life In the trench is not what I fort. I have no bed I have to sleep in the mud I get cold every night. I see people die every day of my life. The trench is really noisy and it smells like rotting bodies and poo. And when i see […]

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Terri Week 8

this is halloween her I love halloween but there is a foist no one goes there. Because there is a  statue it is really scary my friend went there she was neither seen  again so i got my costume. I was a vampire for halloween but i called my friend  kaci kaci said what i […]

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terri week 7

hi my name terri i have two friends called kaci and jess. Said I daer you to go to that tall house I said ok then i will but you come with me jess said ok then kaci said what about me i want to come i said ok if you want to.So we all […]

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terri 100 word challenge week 5

Out in my front garden i was playing with my mates kaci said it me and jess ran and elise we always saw this tall house.Kaci said i dare you to knock on that creepy door i said ok then i will. So i walked to the door it had blood on it. I went […]

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