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Trinity week 23

Strolling through the dark and gloomy forest, I saw a dull settee with dust, dirt and leaves all over it so I slowly walked over and sat down on it. I wasn’t thinking what I was doing at that moment…Slipping through the middle of the settee, I fell down, down and down until THUD!! Hitting […]

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Trinity week 21

Getting hit by a car gave me serious injuries and put me laying in a hospital bed. One night my big sister can to visit me and slept there with me to keep me company. When all the doctors and nurses left the silence was deafening and something wasn’t wright. When I was asleep, my […]

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Trinity week 20

Today I’m going to the mountain to have a pick-nick as a treat. When we got there, we had to climb up, up and up until we got to the top of it. As it was flat up there, we could lay out the blanket on the grey floor. Miserably, the weather grumbled quietly as […]

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Trinity Week 19

On Friday night, I went outside to go for a walk because it was so hot in the house. When I was out, I saw something so I followed it. It disappeared. I saw it again, but in the forest this time, so I got down and said “Who are you?” it ignored me then disappeared. […]

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Trinity week 18

On Saturday I asked my mum if I could go out and she said for only half an hour. I quickly got dressed, got my coat on and went to the front door and slammed it behind me. I grabbed my watch from the shed then off I went. Suddenly, I saw a forest so […]

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Trinity’s blog

On Saturday I was in my room reading my book but then mum called me to go up the loft. So I put my book down and went out my room and got the ladder. I walked up there slowly, gently and carefully. I opened the loft door. It was so freaky up there because […]

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Trinity week 15

My Target: punctuation Friday night, I was getting ready for a party. An hour later I was ready so I grabbed my coat and I was off. When I got to the party, I went to see my friend but then I heard a strange sound. So I went upstairs to see what it was. […]

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Trinity week 13

  When I got back from school, I asked if I could knock for my friend Chelsea. She said yes so I went. She wanted to go to the woods so we did. I asked her to give me a boost. As the leaves rustled, I looked down to see who it was and it […]

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Trinity week 8

He was shocked to find a small, skinny chimpanzee trying to escape from the zoo. The Lord of north asked why do you want to escape! I want to see my family and enjoy the sun. Tough said the Lord. Why you wicked, horrible man. Guards lock him up said Lord of north. The chimp […]

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Trinity A week 11 WW1

Dear family, I got your letter. Thankyou. Life in the Trenches wasn’t what I thought it would be like. I have no bed, I have to sleep in the mud when I get the chance to anyway. We take turns one at a time to sleep so the rest of us can fight. We can’t […]

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Trinity A week 8

  Tonight is Halloween, I went out on my own trick or treating. I went to 15 houses until I was brave enough to cross the spooky forest to find some more houses to trick or treat at. It started to rain and I slipped on a leaf and I tumbled down the hill. I […]

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Trinity A week 7

      Today I’m going shopping with my mum and I’m so excited. We’re going yay now were there we can go shopping first we’re going in Tesco I asked if I could go to Primark while she was in Tesco and she said ok so I went in Primark to buy some clothes […]

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Trinity A week 6

…suddenly I was able to see again… While the cars are zooming past, I was watching telly. One night when I went to bed I found out my dog was a guard dog. The next morning it was black I rubbed my eyes it was still black I was blind. I took my dog to […]

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Trinity A Week 4

Today I am going shopping with my mum and dad at Asda we need some pepper, oranges, salt and much more. We are going now I asked my mum for a party and she said ok I am so excited now I can invite all of my friends now I’m back I’m going to write […]

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