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The bench by Grace

For millions of years a story went round that no one should never sit on the stone bench. It was black and all day a cat sat on it. One day a girl named Moon decided to to put a camera out in the park to see if the cat would come alive and if the park was haunted. She got nothing so she tried again and again, years went by and nothing. She decided to give up. When she was taking down the camera,something was scratching up her leg .She looked down and saw a cat. It looked like the one what was on the bench and it was.So she kept the cat, and they were always happy and had lunch on the bench, everyone was shocked.

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  1.   Laura Alonso Says:

    Finally – a happy ending with this bench and cat! I love how you build up the tension in your story with the use of the camera; your reader would be expecting something to happen. I also like how you have included others’ reaction to the action of the story. Good job!
    Laura A, Team100, Luxembourg

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