How have we used our 100 words this week?

The mission Week ~20

My target: to spell correctly and to punctuate.


“Sarg I know hes fit for it I just know it C’mon SARG! “Said the instructor  who was munching on a soggy sandwich

“Wait the hum um”came the overlooker as she walk down a steep staircase into the Simulation

“Alright lets go Jack Oh by the way my name is serena”said the girl as she took of her gray helmet

“Ok so are you ready? We would have to go to Mount Seniad By the way its were the Sentinels base is and its gared by a horde of hyenas yeah its a steep climb so Lets go your one of us now Atlas move out!

“Haha!Just like the good old days back on Earth! im not misable now WHOHO!”I shouted

“Move on Move on! Atlas move on”Came a familiar voice


Who was it?

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4 Responses to “The mission Week ~20”

  1.   Beth 100wc Says:

    I like your ending, full of suspense, Taylor. You’ve included all 5 of the prompt words well. I notice your target and your punctuation was great at the start but the fourth paragragh starting “Ok” is difficult to understand as there is a lack of punctuation. Read it through and I’ll bet you’ll know where it’s needed.

  2.   Mrs Mitchell Says:

    Tayler this is a very good story. You made a good attempt to meet your target of spelling and punctuating correctly, however there are quite a few spelling mistakes in your story.

    You spelt the prompt words GREY and MISERABLE incorrectly, there are some other spelling mistakes as well. Please read over your work and try to find the mistakes.
    Please keep writing, this will help you to improve your spelling.

    Mrs Mitchell 100wc team

  3.   Helen Whittaker 100WC Says:

    You have used some good speech punctuation for this week’s 100WC Tayler. You’ve also used good description showing what the characters are doing as they speak.

    You do need to check where an apostrophe is needed in some of your words.

    Let’s, he’s and it’s to show there is a missing letter and sentinel’s to show that the base belongs to them.

    Also the paragraph starting ‘Ok so are you ready’ needs a few full stops to break up a very long sentence and ensure this part of your 100WC makes sense.

    A good 100WC Tayler and keep up the writing.

  4.   Miss K Team 100WC Says:

    Great job using the prompt words this week. I can see you used lots of different types of punctuation correctly and attempted to spell lots of tricky words. Keep working on using capital letters correctly and full stops. Happy writing!

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