How have we used our 100 words this week?

Then the noise stops 100 w c ashleyr

The day befor christmas my wife said to me one pink phone was ringing then the noise stoped a evil tennis racket took my wife i turned into to super man. The next day a tennis ball then a keyboard came from a evil desert the tennis ball came from a village. The day of christmas my wife said to me two ducks turned the fater than a school i turned to iron man and then shot them with a laser beam. On boxing day my wife said to me three pigs turned to famous pink dolls i ripped there heart out of there sholders. i fell into captian bugers command then killed every one in town. One very gloomy mistiryous dark day then captian burger desided to kill every one who’s alive i turne to hulk and protected the people. Then the next day a baby was born i started to really protect them from the evil captian burger.

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