How have we used our 100 words this week?

Trinity week 20

Today I’m going to the mountain to have a pick-nick as a treat. When we got there, we had to climb up, up and up until we got to the top of it. As it was flat up there, we could lay out the blanket on the grey floor. Miserably, the weather grumbled quietly as if it was hungry. First of all I ate my sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes in it. When we were finished eating, we climbed down until we got to the bottom. Finally we reached the bottom but then we saw a Hyena. Worriedly, we slowly walked to the car and drove off…

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  1.   Helen Whittaker 100WC Says:

    You’ve used some very description in this week’s 100WC Trinity. I particularly like how you said ‘the mountain grumbled quietly….’ Do be careful about changing tenses as you started by saying ‘today I am going’ – present tense, then you changed to the past tense.

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