How have we used our 100 words this week?

week 19 dylan

Trough the deep, dark and steep street two cars were drag racing, all of a sudden the cars crashed. The two men were killed. The police showed up and they were questioning the neighbours, all of them were asleep. When the police looked back in the cars there body’s were gone. Bang! lots of cars were crashing and for every second there was a crash. Two men with half a body come walking up the street. they were the two men that crashed. the police pulled out their guns. all of a sudden the two men jumped out of there costume and said you have been pranked, but guns fired.

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8 Responses to “week 19 dylan”

  1.   Tyler Says:

    Hello Dylan

    I really like your work. Well done. I also love the describing words ‘dark and steep’ because it tells me how it looked. Please can you look back through your work and change ‘trough’ to ‘through’. It also reminds me of when I read a book about caves. Why dont you visit our blog.

  2.   Eric Says:

    Great ending and great cliffhanger.

  3.   Caitlin Says:

    That 100 we is one of the best 100wc I have ever read well done

  4.   Ms. Sargent Team 100WC-USA Says:

    Hi Dylan,
    An interesting take on the photo prompt. You did a good job developing the story in an exciting way for your reader.
    Suggestion: Check over your work for creless spelling and punctuation mistakes. It wopuld help the reader not to be distracted from what you wanted to say.

  5.   Mrs DW Team 100 Says:


    Thank you for sharing your story with us, this is quite creative.

    Make sure you check your punctuation and capitals.

    Well done great job. Keep writing.

    Mrs DW

  6.   Mrs. Makanui, 100WC-Hawaii Says:

    Aloha Dylan,

    Wow….great ending. I definitely didnĘ»t expect that. You do a good job of using description. Some minor errors, but we all make them. Remember to use your tech tools to check your work.

  7.   Laura Alonso Says:

    Wow, this story just got more and more intriguing as it went on, with lots of twists and turns. You certainly know how to keep your reader entertained. You have a wonderful imagination, keep it up!
    Laura A, Team100, Luxembourg

  8.   raccoons Says:

    nice story mate 5 stars

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