How have we used our 100 words this week?

week 20 Aariz 100WC

Once, I went to climb the mountain!!! There was hyena and it was nearly bigger than a BUS!!!!!! It was grey and fat because it ate lots of sandwiches. I was miserable because it was scary and huge. Then suddenly he glared at me and slowly creped towards me. He looked hungray so quickly I just ran! Then the hyena chased after me. But then a guy came to help me and he had a gun but it had no bullets. But I had an idea and that was to get the mans gun and smack the hyena with it and I smacked him to death!

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2 Responses to “week 20 Aariz 100WC”

  1.   cats Says:

    well done lol

  2.   kai Says:

    sorry you have to leave as you was my best mate and I’m sorry we can’t see each other again sorry mate as you was a good mate goodbye and i wish you all the luck with your new school if you read this message aariz just remember ill never forget you and if i see you again i promis i will say hello

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