How have we used our 100 words this week?

week 20 elizabeth 100WC

On a Tuesday morning Elizabeth and trinity were knocking for Erin. It was a grey, dull and miserable morning. When they reached Erin’s house, they had to cross a river. They knocked the door and Erin answered. They all said do you want to go to Savannah together before they went Erin offered them a picnic with a delicious sandwich. So they packed the picnic and went. Erin forgot to pack some drinks so they ran back and got lot of water. They had to climb a colossal rock to get to Savannah. At the top was a hyena waiting …

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3 Responses to “week 20 elizabeth 100WC”

  1.   Mrs Inman (Team 100WC) Says:

    You use the five words from the prompt very well to fit effortlessly together in this imaginative story. A range of sentence lengths are used and you put in some different punctuation types. I wonder what they’ll do when they meet the hyena?. Well done!

  2.   Mrs C (Team 100) Says:

    Elizabeth, you have included lots of adjectives which make your story more interesting. The majority of punctuation is correct. I think if I had written this, I might have used the word ‘her’ instead of Erin in some cases. I love the ending, it leaves the reader wondering what will happen and ellipsis is higher level punctuation, well done. Mrs C (Team 100)

  3.   Ms Maddison, Ireland (Team 100WC) Says:

    Great work, Elizabeth, I really liked the way you put the prompt words together for your 100WC! Your sentence describing the morning was very good, it used two of the prompt words that went well together and it really set the scene. Well done!

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