How have we used our 100 words this week?

Why did I do it ? Mason Week 21

I still hear her scream. “little girl found dead” the paper will say. Going to prison I’m basically there right now. The silence is deafening. Her blood made my hand a dark red covered mess. Now I’m sat in a corner rocking back and forward the police are now banging on the door but they wont get me no one will. If they do it will get messy! I fell asleep. wen I woke up I was in a evil mean place she was there the child I killed. Her face is covered in blood with no eyes she screamed and I was stuck there for ever.

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  1.   Mr Hyde, Lincolnshire, UK (Team 100) Says:

    This is a very frightening piece of writing, Mason, but you have put it together very well. Don’t forget capitals at the start of every sentence. The word ‘won’t’ has an apostrophe to show that the ‘o’ has been taken out of ‘not’ at the end of the word.

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