The Nut Tree

4A have been learning about performance poetry. We have tried performing a range of poems in different ways and this is our version of “The Nut Tree” by Julia Donaldson. Each group performed their section in a different way. We hope you enjoy it.

Julia’s poems can be found here:

A Fishy Experience

This week we had a visit from Billingsgate Fish Market. They came in to talk to us about different types of fish and how we should be eating fish that is sustainable. We made, and then tasted, a salmon dip before having some time to explore the different types of fish that they had brought in. We got to poke, prod, feel and smell the squid, mussels and other kinds of fishy delights!

Here is our full gallery

Here’s a video for you to see a snippet of our morning.

Stubbington Golf

Before we went to bed, the boys’ dormitories played some golf. We each had a turn and the team with the lowest score won. After 28 goes each, the score was tied at 120-120! It was a draw so we each got 1 point for our dorms. The game finished so late, that instead of our normal 9:30 bedtime, we didn’t get to bed until 10:00pm!

P1040155 P1040147 P1040150

Day 2 at Stubbington

Today started VERY early! The boys were awake by 6:20am but the girls were up around 6am! The teachers weren’t very happy at all. No-one wants a grumpy Mr Addison before breakfast (as you can see).

The first activity that we had this morning was a seashore walk. This involved us going for a nice long walk along the seafront. The weather was…varied. It started with gorgeous sunshine and then halfway through there was a huge downpour and then it brightened up towards the end. We found loads of different shells and saw some different types of wildlife too.

In the afternoon, we started exploring the conservation area looking for evidence of different wildlife. We found holes that belonged to animals and we also found some tracks and a few droppings too. Then after that, we setup a small hotel so that we could try and catch mice and other animals. We will let you know tomorrow if we catch anything!

It’s been a long day, but hopefully we will all sleep well tonight!


P1040002 P1040011 P1040013 P1040023 P1040024 P1040031 P1040137 P1040143 P1040132 P1040133 P1040034 P1040087 P1040122

Stubbington Day 1

Today has been a fantastic day. We have been quite lucky with the weather and the sunshine came out just in time for our trip to the beach. We made our own rock pools and collected different shells and some children even managed to find crabs!

P1030923 P1030925 P1030927 P1030929 P1030931 P1030934 P1030936 P1030937 P1030939 P1030943 P1030946 P1030949 P1030951 P1030957 P1030960 P1030966


Singing at Park Community

This week, Year 4 went to Park Community School to join with Barncroft School in a singing concert for parents. We sang a range of songs including “Lollipop” and “The Locomotion”.


Our Stomachs

Two weeks ago we made stomachs out of a plastic bag. We put apples, pears, crackers, bread and bananas and this was the food. We also put lemon juice to act as acid to break up the food and we put a small amount of water as saliva to help break it up. We put it in the cupboard and left it for a few weeks. Then a couple of weeks later we took it out and it looked horrible, gross and it scarred me for life (Megan). Some of it had mould in it and it went brown. When we took pictures of them, they looked pretty disgusting!

Here are some photos…


We have carried out an experiment to find out what would happen to your teeth if you kept drinking certain liquids. We didn’t have any spare teeth so we used eggs as the shell is very similar to our teeth.

We put the eggs in five different liquids (coffee, water, milk, Pepsi and orange juice) and then left them for a week.

After a week we checked the eggs and some of the eggs had cracked. The egg in the orange juice was a bit mouldy and the top layer of the shell just brushed off completely.

The egg in the Pepsi went a bit browny black and a bit squidgy.

If we were going to try this again we might use hot chocolate, vinegar, squash and tea.


DSCF0837 DSCF0838 DSCF0839 DSCF0840

Christmas Fayre

Last week we held our Christmas Fayre and managed to raise £1,639! This is a huge amount and we want to say thank you to everyone who came along and supported us.

Here are a few photos from the event.

DSCF0758 DSCF0746 DSCF0747 DSCF0748 DSCF0749 DSCF0751 DSCF0752 DSCF0753 DSCF0755 DSCF0757


New Year’s Resolutions

With the new year only a few weeks away it is a good time to think about resolutions.

What would you like to achieve in 2014?

What changes would you like to make to your life?