Stubbington – Day 3

There was an earthquake at Stubbington! It was very dangerous and we had to work together to get over the obstacles and rescue survivors. We had to make sure we took vital supplies such as first aid, a ladder and water with us too. There were many challenges but we worked well together. Although some children did get a bit wet in the lake at the end…Oops!

Today we’ve made the photos into a video for you to enjoy!

Stubbington Day 2

Today we went and checked our mammal hotels to see if we had found anything and guess what? We had!

We managed to catch two mice and they were very snug inside their 5-star luxury hotels. So we spent a bit of time looking at them, checking to see if they were boys or girls (both boys) and then drawing them before releasing them back into the wild.

image_9 image image_5

After lunch we found out that we had been marooned on an island (typical!) and we had to build shelters to make sure that we were protected from the rain. Unfortunately, after a while it rained. Well, they say it rained but we think Mrs Brennan made it happen!

image_20 image_22 image_24 image_25 image_27 image_29 image_30 image_31 image_33 image_34 image_37 image_38 image_39

Stubbington Day 1

Here are some photos from our first day at Stubbington.



We setup hotels to try and catch small mammals. Tomorrow we’ll see if we managed to catch anything!


We explored the conservation area looking for clues of wildlife. We found footprints and animal droppings.

P1030841 P1030844 P1030846 P1030855

After all that hard work, we enjoyed playing in the play area too. It was a very busy day, we ate lots of food but we enjoyed ourselves!


Goodbye Mr b-l


Bye Mr Blake-Lobb I will miss you can I give you a card and open it only on the 22/4/2014

How we made torches

DSCF0763 DSCF0776 DSCF0768 DSCF0772 DSCF0773 DSCF0774

We made torches in class this week by using a small battery, an LED lightbulb, card, paper and selotape. First we made a prototype to practice and test our designs. Then we used card to make a more solid torch to use to help us see in the dark. We made the torches because our topic is Electricity.

Dream giver

How your dream comes. A little fairy like person flies threw the window and lays eggs in your bed and cracks them. The fairy dust inside makes your dreams come true.


To watch it click on the link below.


How to clean your teeth

This is how you clean your teeth

  • you will need
  • 1 tooth brush
  • tooth paste/mouth wash
  • sink/water


  1. Get your tooth brush tooth paste and mouth wash so that you can have everything you need to brush your teeth.
  2. Squeeze some tooth paste onto your brush because its got lots of fluidide in it.
  3. Put the tap on and rinse your brush a little so that it isnt to dry but make shore you turn the tap of after.
  4. Then brush your teeth in small circles to make shore you dont miss eny plaque.
  5. Check in the mirror to make shore you havent missed eny plaque if you have brush you teeth just ones more.

What happens inside the stomach?

DSCF0574 DSCF0577  DSCF0579DSCF0580 DSCF0581 DSCF0582



In our science we have been doing an exsperment in volving eggs so we got some diffrent  equal amount of liqids we got five cups and filed them up with 300ml 1 of coke, oj, tea, milk and water.

Put one egg in each cup then put a equal amount of liquid in each cup. Put cups in the same place and see what happens.

Bye see you soon with the results.

 Below are some photos of what happened after a few days. Mr B-L