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The Mayor :{

Tuesday was the most exiting day of the week because…
You won’t beleive this but The Mayor came in to have a small sesion with us .
We asked him some questions like Have you ever met the Queen ? Sadly the awnser was NO .
But he has met the Queen’s daughter .

The most exciting thing was watching Kaci lunge forward from the Mayors heavy chain.

After that we had a group photo with the mayor and the mayor es


A Visit from the Mayor

On Tuesday, the Mayor of Havant visited our class. He told us all about how he became mayor. After awhile, everybody asked the mayor questions. I asked him how he became mayor. It was an interesting day. My favourite part was getting to wear his chain. It was really heavy!M

Mayor visit

On Tuesday the 25 March 2014 the Mayor of Havant Mr Paul Buckley Came to visit Riders Junior School. He came to talk to class 5p and 5s, we found out lots of things the does .
He told us that his time as Mayor was nearly over would miss his duties but will look forward to having a rest as he and his wife are both very busy doing lots of things for the people in Havant.

The Mayor and his wife surprised us all because they took the time to go and watch a school assembly he is a very busy and important man but took time to come to our school and answer our questions


space planetaireom

on the 7th of january a man  called  Bob came in to teach us about space when we whent to the hall ther in front of us was a

big dome it was silver and  Bob said tack your shows of  so we  did and Bob lifd a big bite  of  a tunal and  we all walk in it at  the  end ther was a lost  of  thins like alight that shown pichers  on the top of the  dome now i now that the stars  are nmade of highdinrom and now we now lots of fun  facts  like  thare are 7  plants and  thay named  the numders of planets of the numder of  weeks  BY   SAFFRON  5P

riders planetarium

tusday 7th januery 2014

when 5p whent to the school hall to see a plantarium we hadean aptunite to enter it as we ented the entrey we didnt icspect what we sore.

we learnt that satens rings are made of ice,and that neptune you can not see any rings.

every star ccontanes a diffrint story like the story of orion.

he showded us the rock that hit africk he bort it for £50.00.

every one  hade a chanrts to hold it

year 5 visiter

tuseday 25th of march 2014

Year Five had a vistor  called  councllor Paul  Buckley  came  to  riders  school  with his wife  the mayoress.

The mayor  is myaor for a year  we got to say some  quetions  and he  anwered them  and we  got to wher  his

chain  it was  heavey .He said the next  mayor will be a  lady. at the end we all had our picture.

mobile planetarium

Yesterday year 5 had bob and his amazing mobile planetarium then we tock our shose’s off and went into the super gray blo up planetarium.

Mayor Paul Bucklys visit from Lewis McMullan 5p and Daisy Powell 5p

On Tuesday the 25th of March we were visited by the Mayor. At first he told us about how he got to be Mayor and what a Mayor is. After that we asked him some questions. I asked him what has been the highlight for your time being Mayor. He said the highlight was having dinner in the captains cabin on the HMS Victory. Before he left we had a photo of us, the Mayor and the Mayoress. Finally some of us got to wear the special chain.