Bikeability ‘cycling proficiency’

Last week year 5 took part in Bikeability training. Bikeability is cycling proficiency for the 21st century, designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today’s roads. All of year 5 took part in Level 1 training on the school grounds. Once you’ve completed your Bikeability Level 1 and been awarded your red badge, you are able to:
-Fit your own helmet
-Carry out a simple bike check
-Get on your bike, start cycling, then stop and get off
-Ride your bike using the gears
-Make your bike go where you want it to, including moving around objects safely
-Control the bike with one hand
-Stop quickly if you need to
-Look all around you when you’re riding, including behind, without wobbling

Some children then progressed to Level 2 training. Level 2 training took place on local streets, giving you a real cycling experience. Children were taught how to deal with traffic on short journeys such as cycling to school or the local shops.

Everyone who took part enjoyed the sessions immensely and gained invaluable experience in maintaining personal safety whilst cycling on the roads.

Out door learning day

This Outdoor Learning Day has been the best!
First ,we did a long asault course and the monkey bars where there was water underneath.
Next, was the tour and there was a spookly tunnel. If you were in the middle and the lights turned off it was very spooky.
Last of all we enterd the archury competition and shot at the target.


Outdoor Learning Day at Fort Purbrook

Last Friday, 5s went to Fort Purbrook for our Outdoor Learning Day. We did Achery, an Assult Course and a Tour around the Fort. The Fort had lots of tunnels and a drawbridge so we jumped on it and it started to echo all through the tunnel. We went through the first tunnel and the lights went on and off. It scared alot of girls, but Jazmin and I cried a little bit.

Assault Course: The Assault course had monkey bars with water underneath them and there was an un even wooden beam. And a climbing wall that was made out of wood and blue rope.

Archery: In Achery we had 3 of our own arrows with colours on the top to shoot and I got an arrow in the bulls eye and so did my friend. But, it bounced out and the man kindly let me have another go.

Finally, we had lunch and played games in the sun me, jazmin and our friends all played sharks with a parashoot.

Then our teachers told us that we had to go so half of the class lined up and went to then returned to school then Mrs Jackson went to pick up the other half when they returned to school we all went home.

We had the most suniest, fun and perfect day at Fort Purbrook.

Outdoor Learning Day

This is a picture of the Archery target we used on the day.

out door learning day by jessica picton!!!!

Outdoor learning day by Jessica picton!!!!

On Friday 4th July 2014 5S went out on an amazing day to Fort Purbrook instead of going on the field to do our Outdoor Learning . When we arrived there we got guided to this very old looking room where we were split up and put into three different groups for lots of different and challenging activities. The first activity I started off with was the Assault Course Challenge. Most peoples favourite challenge was the high monkey bars because under them was a long moat witch was covered in water. After, we did the assault course we went and had a tour around Fort Purbrook and found out some very interesting things. For our last challenge we did Archery, which was very fun, because we got to shoot pointy arrows which was fun. Then it was lunch time during lunch time we all played lots of fun games until it was time to go back to school so that we could all go home.

Outdoor Learning Day

On Friday the 4th of July 5s went to fort purbrook as an out door leaning day . when we arrived we got taken to an old room then we got split into three groupes , the groupes had to do three activities . The first activity was a tour with a man called morris he showed us the hole of purbrook. the second activitie was archery , we had arowes that where not to sharp . The third activity was an asault course. It had very high monkey bars and at the bottom of the monkey bars was a big puddle of water so, if you fell wich I didn’t you would get covered in water . During lunch time we where aloud to play in the moat.

5S outdoor learning day (fort purbrook)

On Friday 4th July 5S went on a trip at Fort Purbrook for outdoor learning day. When we arrived we got put into 3 groups and we followed our leader around. The activites that were there were an asoult course, a tour and archery.

Outdoor Learning day at Fort Purbrook

On Friday 5S went to Fort Purbrook for outdoor learning day where we did many different activities like:
archery, a tour around the fort and a fun obstacle course.

Y5 Medieval Day

On Friday the whole of Year 5 took part in an exciting Medieval Day. As part of our topic we have been studying the Middle Ages. We have studied the period from a historical viewpoint, examining the chronology and key events such as the Battle of Hastings and the Black Death, as well as finding out about some of the major people and events. To mark the halfway point of the topic we celebrated with a Medieval Day. The day was filled with exciting activities such as; Medieval Jousting, Castle Building and opportunities to try on Medieval armour. The children had a great day and learnt loads! Here are some pictures of the day.