Wednesday in Wales

Everyone is having a fabulous time in Wales. Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to today. We celebrated another birthday too!

Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2014

We will use this advert as a stimulus for our Big Write on Friday. Have a look at it to remind you what happens in the video:

World War One Geography Challenges

Match up the European countries.

The opposing sides in World War One were:

±The Triple Alliance – made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy

±The Triple Entente – made up of Great Britain, France and Russia

Focus on the location of these countries in particular


Click on the pictures of the quizzes to play them:

Europe Puzzle



Europe Quiz


by archie 100wc #w6


One day i went out in my back garden. I went over to the old Gorey wooden shed. Then i opened the door. There was a dead fresh body on the floor. I went over there with a shiver i thought i recognized this person. There was lots of mist. SUDDENLY I WAS ABLE TO SEE AGAIN!!! The room was black i thought to myself someone is following me. I jumped up onto the BLOODY FLOOR.There was a GHOST!!! It started to talk to me. I said get out of my shed. Never did the ghost reply.





No said Kiera I can’t. As I looked around, Mum was busy with housework. “This maths homework is so tiring and I need some help. Mum said “I will help you then. l need you concentrate on your work or I will speak to your teacher.” The next day at school Kiera said “why did you say that you going to go speak to your teacher because I’m really good at maths now. Mummy can my friend sleep round please, can you please let him sleep round? “Yes” mum said, then the boy said “thank you.” And then he came round.


Mia’s 100 WC #4

As I looked around, the dark and cold room, suddenly I saw a shadow and then it disappeared. I was getting worried. Something hit my head I was thinking what it could be but I didn’t know what it was. I was trying to look for an opening at a window to see sunlight but I couldn’t. I heard something moving I was getting cautious. I was wondering what it was when suddenly….. A small boy jump out from the shadows” Help me pleas…e call 911”said the boy I did not have my phone on me. CREAACK the door open I ran.

Bridgets 100 word challange #W5

The sun was shimmering as I looked around I saw a weird objet floating in mid – air it looked like a Ufo I wonder if there was going to be an alien abduction I know that would generally be impossible but there was still a feeling of suspence .Then all of a sudden lights lit up the sky and you could see that it was a spaceship a sudden beam shot down abducting something. My mum came running out of the house screaming an shouting I anxiously stumbled towards her I woke up in my cosy bed it must have been a dream phwww.

Tayler 100 WC #6

December 20TH 1946 France

“C’mon soldier we gotta get o the Outpost! ” Said Yuri “As locked around the battlefield the Germans fell back to their base”.

An SU-25 was bombing the battlefield “We will Bomb the Eifel tower! To the ground!” KAPOW! ERR! “It’s falling POW the Eifel tower fell to ashes 2 Hours later BEEP BEEP BEEP! “Get out!” Said CPT Yuri BANG! TNT was detonated BANG BANG CREEK we “we fell from floor board to floorboard “SOAP SOAP Where are you? Buddy” Yuri carried Soap to a table “Yuri Yuri…Hitler Knows Makarov “Soap said dying instantly Makarov was a Russia!

100 Word Challenge by Amy :D

A few days ago me and my friend went trick or treating but we went to this house and it was definitely was a trick . . .

The house was in 133 DEATH lane, we knocked on the door it creaked open then a huge weed wrapped around us like hair twisted on curling tongs gripping on for life.

The weed pulled us forward then released us as I looked around I could feel a scarf of mist slither around my neck. Then I saw a pair of golden eyes peering out from a crack in the floor it grabbed me now I’m sitting in darkness D:

100 Word Challenge Week 4 by Amy c:

I have a friend Katherine crocodile people say it’s weird to have a soft teddy and talk to it. She obviously isn’t real but I think she is. Anyway we’re having a picnic in my back garden her favourite food is peppers but I forgot them! After our picnic we decided to go down to the river. When we got there we couldn’t believe what we saw it was an orange crocodile and it wanted Katherine and Katherine wanted him back so I let her stay with her own kind. All I say to myself is she’s in a better place now!