100 Word Challenge!

The prompt this week is five words, all of which need to be in your writing. It doesn’t matter what order they come in but they must all be there. The words are:

Sandwich   Grey   Miserable   Hyena   Climb

100 Word Challenge

Using the phrase below, write a short story . You could make it part of your story. Be careful, you can only use 100 words so choose them wisely!

…what was that I could feel?…

Make sure you think carefully about the tense – when did it happen? Check that the story makes sense and that your ideas link together.

Book review

The book I’m reviewing is called Gangsta granny, the author of the book is David Walliams. He I one of my favourite authors. In Gangsta  Granny

Our First Term

Comment below and tell me about all the things you have achieved so far this year. What lessons have you enjoyed the most? What have learnt about?

Year Five engrossed in a sci-fi fairytale!

Year five this term have been reading ‘Cinder’ by Marissa Meyer. They’ve been reading it together as a class and this has been the base for the teaching of reading in year five.

There is a real buzz around the year group as children question who the characters REALLY are and if the sci-fi tale will follow the plot of the fairytale… who knows?

Here is just some of the work that we have completed based on Cinder. More updates to come soon! We’re also planning to share our learning with the author of ‘Cinder’, Marissa Meyer – how amazing would it be if she saw the work from Riders?!? Keep it up guys!

WP_20141003_001 WP_20141003_002 WP_20141003_003 WP_20141003_004 WP_20141003_005 WP_20141003_006 WP_20141003_007 WP_20141003_008 WP_20141003_009 WP_20141003_010 WP_20141003_011