The Elephants have had such a brilliant day at the farm today! Miss Rooney is so proud of everyone’s super sensible behaviour. We can’t wait to show you all the pictures!
First we got on the coach…


Then we got to hold and stroke some animals!



Next we were lucky enough to ride on the farmer’s tractor! It was so bumpy, we all had the best time!

After that we met some more animals. We even got to feed some goats and kids. Look how brave we all were!





Our last job was to collect an egg each for the farm shop. Ask us which animal lays a brown or a white egg…

Finally it was lunch time! We made sure to wash our hands after touching all the animals and even got to use a germinator to check we had used the soap properly.

After lunch we played in the park before getting the coach back to school.

What a wonderful day we have all had! It is so hard to choose the best bit. Which was your favourite part of the day?

See you tomorrow so we can talk about our amazing experience! Love Miss Rooney