Unicorns at the farm!


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We had a wonderful day at the farm the children were fantastic and so well behaved. The children enjoyed looking at all the animals and finding out lots of information. They enjoyed their picnic lunch in the sunshine and then going into the hothouse to look at the fish in the pond. The children also had a fun time driving the toy tractors and playing in the play park. The adults were really proud of  how the children looked after the other children in the play area. Well done Unicorns.



Excellent Elephants at the Farm!


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We have had such a brilliant day at the farm! The teachers are so proud of Elephant class for their excellent super sensible behaviour today. We stopped to visit the animals and then had a lovely picnic lunch…we even got to play in the park for a while! After lunch we explored the grounds and got lost in the hedge maze. We have had a wonderful day in the sunshine, well done Elephants!  


The Meerkats had an amazing day at the farm!


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Today was fantastic and we not only wanted to share our pictures from our day with you but also let you all know what a lady said to our lovely Meerkats during some time in the park!

Whilst playing for a short while in the park after lunchtime a lady approached Miss Hudson and said “I think you should go back to your children’s parents and also to the Head Teacher and tell them just how wonderful these children have been. They have been looking out for the other children in the park and one helped my little girl climb up the steps to the slide. They really are a credit to their families and their school. I often don’t enjoy being around school groups but these are an exception and when I look for a school for my daughter Riders will be the first place I look. Please pass this on.”

This is our amazing day at the farm… full of lots of learning and discovery! Why don’t you ask your children to use the photos to tell you about what we saw? Can they remember the names of the animals?


Thank you for a lovely day Meerkats!




Our learning does not only happen inside the classroom… Outside is an important learning space too!


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Everything we are learning within the classroom can be transferred to our outside learning space. Take a look at some of the photos to see the learning we do outside of the classroom!


Practising our letter shapes with ‘magic water paint’

Using our imaginations in the mud kitchen

Collaborating and working as a team with our friends

Role play activites

Learning new physical skills

Maths learning fun with a variety of resources

Constructing in the ‘building site’

Finding out about the World and living things- lots of discovery and finding out!

working at ‘the car wash’

Writin in our writing area and choosing from lots of resources

Experimenting for ourselves

Singing songs and exploring the instruments

Building up our strength with lots of gross motor pportunities


Getting creative…AND SO MUCH MORE!


Our Eggs are hatching!!


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Take a look at the link below to watch our chicks hatching LIVE! How Eggciting!!

Please note we are streaming from an external site so some advertisements play and we are not responsible for these. This works in a similar way to YouTube.


In Early Years we have been learning about repeating patterns…


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This week in the Early Years Unit we have been learning about repeating patterns. Take a look at some of our fantastic learning!

Now your children have a challenge… to make or find a repeating pattern at home or on the way to school or anywhere at all! If you can take a photograph or ask your child draw it to show us it will be put on display and it will be placed in our special learning journeys!

The repeating pattern challenge is ON!

Tea Time Tales


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Thank you so much to the children and their grown-ups who came in to our Tea Time Tales session. The staff loved being able to share some of our favourite books and it really was so fantastic to see so many of you there! The onesies were a particular hit! Take a look below to see the pictures from the evening event.



Keep an eye out for future events and thank you for your continued support!

Our Decoration Workshops


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Thank you so much to all of the parents who came to our Christmas Decoration workshops and helped to make them a super festive success!

Click below to take a look at some of the photographs from the workshops.



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Thank you to the families who came along to our maths workshop today! It was huge success and it was fantastic to see so much enjoyment in maths!



























If you would like a copy of any of the number formation hand-outs from todays workshop please ask your child’s class teacher.

We are really looking forward to seeing you at our Christmas decoration workshops on Monday for the Unicorns, Tuesday for the Meerkats and Friday for the Elephants at 9am!

Many thanks for your continued support.


The Meerkat Class learning about Guy Fawkes!


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This week we had a super fun learning time discovering why Firework Night in celebrated. We heard the story of Guy Fawkes and his gang and how they were plotting to kill the King in the Houses of Parliament.

We acted out the story with Miss Hudson being Guy Fawkes and we were all the gang of friends! We had to get the gunpowder to the ‘basement of the Houses of Parliament’ also known as the library. We were very quiet and sneaky!
















We were very glad that Guy Fawkes caught by the Police and took him away! We learnt that that is why we have fireworks now! To celebrate the he didn’t manage to Kill the King!