Our learning does not only happen inside the classroom… Outside is an important learning space too!


Posted by tearlyyears | Posted in Blog Posts | Posted on 30-04-2017

Everything we are learning within the classroom can be transferred to our outside learning space. Take a look at some of the photos to see the learning we do outside of the classroom!


Practising our letter shapes with ‘magic water paint’

Using our imaginations in the mud kitchen

Collaborating and working as a team with our friends

Role play activites

Learning new physical skills

Maths learning fun with a variety of resources

Constructing in the ‘building site’

Finding out about the World and living things- lots of discovery and finding out!

working at ‘the car wash’

Writin in our writing area and choosing from lots of resources

Experimenting for ourselves

Singing songs and exploring the instruments

Building up our strength with lots of gross motor pportunities


Getting creative…AND SO MUCH MORE!


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