The Meerkats had a visit to the Life Education Bus


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Today the Meerkat class had their chance to enjoy some time on the Life Education Bus! Miss Hudson, Mrs Pettit and Miss Heather were so so proud of all of the children and how sensibly every single child behaved. Everybody listened to instructions and we were all in awe of the incredible experience.

First of all we learnt all about healthy food and how to live a healthy life. Rhea told us that “raspberries are really healthy” and Dawson sais “we have to drink lots of water”.



Next Henry put on a special tabard with parts of the body on and we talked about what is inside our body. Pippa knew about our lungs and Jack talked about what our heart does. We all had lots of great ideas and had to stick the different organs on the right part of the body.




After that we met Harrold the Giraffe. we helped him pack for a fun day with his Nan and Grandad and talked about why he would need soap, and a toothbrush with toothpaste. Jazmyne said we have to wash our hands “after we touch something yucky” and Harvey could say when we need to brush our teeth.


Next we got to think about our feelings because Harrold got a little bit sad and missed his Mum and Dad! He phoned Donna who was leading the session on the life bus with us. We all had a chance to speak to him on the phone and tell him the sorts of things he could do to help to cheer himself up. Charley said “Hi Harrold you can go and play in the garden”, Isabelle said he could paint a picture and Oakley said he could play with his friends.





It was night time for Harrold and he had to go to sleep, we got to see some wonderful magical twinkly star lights on the roof of the bus. There were lots of excited gasps and wows! Kye told us that “when you sleep you grow”.

Finally we said goodbye to Harrold and heard a special song about his day and how to liveĀ a healthy life. It really was the best time!


Thank you to Donna for our fantastic learning experience!

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Charley mummy and daddy have loved seeing all the pictures of you learning new things at school we are very proud of you

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