The Meerkats had an amazing day at the farm!


Posted by tearlyyears | Posted in Blog Posts | Posted on 07-06-2017

Today was fantastic and we not only wanted to share our pictures from our day with you but also let you all know what a lady said to our lovely Meerkats during some time in the park!

Whilst playing for a short while in the park after lunchtime a lady approached Miss Hudson and said “I think you should go back to your children’s parents and also to the Head Teacher and tell them just how wonderful these children have been. They have been looking out for the other children in the park and one helped my little girl climb up the steps to the slide. They really are a credit to their families and their school. I often don’t enjoy being around school groups but these are an exception and when I look for a school for my daughter Riders will be the first place I look. Please pass this on.”

This is our amazing day at the farm… full of lots of learning and discovery! Why don’t you ask your children to use the photos to tell you about what we saw? Can they remember the names of the animals?


Thank you for a lovely day Meerkats!




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