WELL what a week we have had in the Early Years!


Last Monday we had a special delivery…

We were excited to find out lots of information about eggs and the different animals that lay them. It didn’t take long for the mystery to be revealed!





















BUT on Monday we came in to school to find such a mess in our classrooms. The teenage mutant ninja turtles accused us of stealing their eggs! Of course, we have chick eggs not turtle eggs!


The next day you will not believe who had sent us a note…

SHREDDER! He then sent us clues the following few days so that we could prove our ninja powers.
First we had to prove we are all ninja readers by decoding his secret messages. (Of course we all are!)


The next day we had to order our numbers – easy peasy!

Finally today he sent us clues to read on our treasure hunt…

Thank goodness the Elephants and Meerkats are so amazing at reading and ordering numbers because we found those pesky turtle eggs eventually, lucky for the ninja turtles!

Have a lovely bank holiday and see you on Tuesday for more fun!


Love Miss Rooney & Mrs Clayton