long time, no see…

Hello everyone!

How are you all? Did you have a good holiday? We did.

We have been busy doing lots of our best writing recently. We have written some hot and cold tasks about Grace Darling and her diary as well as writing riddles.

We wonder if you can guess what we are talking about?

You can eat me.

I am juicy.

I have a lot of tiny seeds.

I have green leaves at the top that look like hair.

I am red.

What am I?


In our maths learning we have been telling the time (which is very important especially when it’s times like lunchtime and home time!) It has been fun telling the time. We will carry on practicing at home – test us if you see us!

We are very excited about our trip to Paultons Park! We are hoping to go on lots of fun rides. We would especially like to go on the water slide where we will all get wet. We will post some photo’s when we have been so keep a look out for us!

We will be back soon to do some more blogging so please come back soon.

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Spring is springing…..

Hello everyone!

We haven’t posted on here for a while as we have been soooo busy doing lots of dinosaur learning – we are having our very own Dinosaur museum. We have been making lots of fossils and bones using different materials. We have used clay and paper and paste – our hands got very very sticky but it was very fun! Miss Davies will post some pictures up of our museum soon! Keep a look out!

We have begun looking at lots and lots of Nick Butterworth stories – we received a letter from him asking us to write some stories for him. So far we are really enjoying his books, especially the stories of Percy the Park Keeper and his animal friends.

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Miss Davies has got a little surprise for us over the next few weeks – keep in touch and find out what secret things Miss Davies is bringing into our class!!

Lets hope the weather gets better soon!

See you soon- from Falcons Class 🙂

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Falcons Update…

We have been really busy these last couple of weeks after Christmas. There has been soooo much going on. We went to see the scary dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum in London. We went on a double decker coach and it was a very long journey. At the museum we saw moving T-rex (some of us were scared! Even the grown-ups were a little scared!) and a moving velociraptor. There were lots of skeletons of different dinosaurs! When we left we went on a tour of London – we saw all the sights like Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliment, where Kate and William got married (Westminister Abby) and we even saw the Queen’s back garden! We loved it!

Last week we all went to see the Snowman show at the Mayflower theatre in Southampton. All the children went in both infant and junior schools. It was fabulous! our best bit was when they were flying!

Thanks you for visiting our Blog – watch out for more fantastic Falcon news – we will be putting on our own dinosaur museum soon! See you soon!

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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone! We hope you all had a jolly Christmas and a brilliant New Year.

In Falcons, we all had a super holiday and are raring to go and start a super-exciting new topic.

We will be enjoying learning about dinosaurs – starting with a trip to London to visit The Natural History Museum. We are all very excited. We are also looking forward to doing lots of writing, art and ICT about dinosaurs and putting on our very own dino-museum at the end of the project.

Keep an eye out for all our brilliant learning!

Come back and see us soon!

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On Monday Year 2 performed an amazing singing concert. The parents were invited in to watch as well. The children were all fantastic and sang extremely well. Miss Davies and Mr Wells were so proud of all of them. We can’t wait to start practicing for our Nativity with Year 1. Keep a look out for how we are getting on!

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Did you know that papaya’s can speak…?

We have been learning a story about a talking papaya! If you didn’t know, a papaya is a fruit from a hot country – the one in our class came from Brazil. It tasted yummy and juicy. Most of us liked it but some of us didn’t.

In the story a papaya spoke to the farmer who ran away. Not only did a papaya speak to him, a dog, a fish and a goat all spoke to him. In the end a chair spoke to the King. We will post some of our story maps on here for you to see.

We have been busy practicing our Christmas song so watch out for us on Thursday at Park Parade!

See you soon!

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Falcons Update…

We have been busy little bees in Falcons class – we are still learning about stories and are looking forward to beginning writing one soon for the children in Early Years.

We have also been working really hard to learn what 10 more or less is and using this in our adding and take-away on number lines . It’s been tricky for some of us but we are all helping each other and getting better each day.

Next week, we are looking forward to singing in Park Parade with the year 4 children. We will be practicing the songs and getting excited about Christmas!

Come back soon to see what else we have been busy doing!

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Good news…

Today we have been continuing our fabulous learning about adjectives. We read a new story called ‘ The Great Race’ which was all about animals in the Chinese calendar.

We are now going to be learning how to add numbers on a number line…watch out for our fantastic learning!

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Hello Falcons….

Today we received a video message from Puffins class asking us to write them some stories about children from other countries. We started our learning reading a book called ‘Colour of Home’.


We have been busy thinking of different adjectives to help us make our writing more interesting and exciting. We look forward to sharing some of these with you soon.




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