Ben 100wc wk13

Stomping through the woods Leo was angry. He had just had an upsetting argument with his Mum and ran off to calm down. Leo was in the middle of the woods and just as he stopped he saw a bat. He ran because the bat was chasing after him he cried “ help,help” but know one could hear him but as the leaves rustled he found the end of the woods. Then Leo tripped on a branch and the bat spotted him, grabbed him by the shoulder and flew away with him. He wanted his Mum.

Charlie 100wc wk13

One dark day Raphael decided to go to the sea. He did not know why but he knew he was sad and it was bothering him. He rushed to the beach just before it turned eight o’clock. Raphael got changed and jumped into the sea and swam in the middle.The sea began to swirl. Swirl like a whirl pool. He got worried and then he found himself in a damp, mossy forest. Raphael was freaked out he tried to calm down but as the leaves rustled he saw people with black eyes staring out. He was scared…

Harley 100wc wk13

One beautiful morning George and Dave decided to go on a camping trip. They packed their blue and green stripy tent, some spare clothes and set off. Then they arrived at Birch Forest, They found the perfect place to pitch their tents. After a while they got settled down and got a fire running, two hours later they went to sleep. In the morning they went for a walk. But as the leaves rustled a vicious looking dog was staring at them with a man standing beside him. The man had a knife in his hand …

Hayden 100wc wk13

As Lewis strolled through the woods he heard a sound and turned around. It was a squirrel looking for nuts, he scared the life out of Lewis. He felt better but as the leaves rustled a man burst out of the bush and tried to grab Lewis so he ran away. The man ran as fast as Lewis and grabbed him by the back of his jacket. Lewis tried and tried but it was no use. Lewis was never seen again!

Klein 100wc wk13

One beautiful morning Leo decided to have a go cart
built. He invited his friends to help him build it to play in the woods when they were going camping for the holiday. They arrived at the woods and got lost but as the leaves rustled they thought someone was there.They looked for some wood to keep warm . Night fell they were lost in the forest alone they walked in circles and circles. Finally they found their tent and went to sleep. The next day they found a quad bike and made ramps to do stunts.

Chenai 100wc week 8

It was a cloudy day, I was out camping with my mum. Then my mum asked me to fetch some sticks for a fire. As I was walking, a small black thing appeared in the distance. It got bigger and bigger. Then I ran over to see what it was. It was a statue in between two trees. I was wondering why there was a statue in the middle of the woods. My heart began to pound faster when I realised the statue had turned to look at me.

100 word challenge week 6 Chloe

It was a dark dark night and I was in my bed sleeping. Just then I heard a loud BANG and it sounded like someone was outside. I tumbled down the stairs and out into the garden. It was so dark I couldn’t see a thing. Suddenly a flash of light came bursting out and I was able to see again but who was it? ’’Chloe what are you doing out of bed?”’ . Oh no it was mum… After a long chat she took me back in for a drink and snack.

100 word challenge Ruby J

I was playing hide and seek with my friend at her house and I got trapped in a cupboard. I was terrified because I couldn’t open the door handle. Also I screamed because no one would open the door. When they finally opened the door, suddenly I was able to see again and I first noticed all their smiley faces. I was so happy because I thought that no one was ever going to find me.

100 word challenge week 6 Rhiannon

One dark night I woke up with a shock it was pitch black. I couldn’t see a thing. I saw a flashing a torch suddenly I was able to see again looked outside there it was again. Then I saw a man holding a torch just flashing it on and off. Peeking through a gap in the curtain I listened . All of a sudden I heard a creak as he stomped up the stairs.I hid under my bed hoping that he didn’t see a glimpse of me. Just then I heard a loud bang, he stomped into my bedroom.

100 word challenge week 6 Joshua W

One morning I woke up with excitement because it was my Birthday. My friends Bob Jack Jacob  and Kye came over . I was amazed by the cake. Suddenly I turned blind and I fell into a wardrobe and teleported into a different world. The world looked familiar but still I wasn’t sure about it so I wanted to  walk on longer. As I was walking onwards a giant lizard came over and chased me to an enormous volcano.The volcano was actually went “boom bang kabang” I was a bit  late but was suddenly able to see again!