Look what we’ve been using!

Hello again!

Today has been a very exciting day for magpies because we were given 6 brand new tablets to help us with our learning!
Tablet whizz! Brandon clearly  loves our new treat!

We were so excited to use them and find out about all the cool things we could use them for so Miss Hogan decided it would be a brilliant idea to use them this afternoon for our history work!

As our topic is superheroes, we have been looking at real life, famous heroes from the past! We’ve learnt lots about Florence Nightingale and today we found out about 4 new people!

We were split into groups and given a name (Mary Seacole, Neil Armstrong, Jesse Owens and Helen Keller). We then decided on three questions that we wanted to research and used tablets, video clips, computers and books to do so.

 Lillie was a pro!What fantastic team work!Shay working brilliantly! Lillie and Jacob finding out about Helen KellerLook at that rocket!Computers are still cool!

After we had found out lots of fantastic facts we presented what we found to the class! (When Miss Hogan is as whizzy with the tablets as the children she will upload these too!)

We really enjoyed doing this and Miss Hogan, Miss Read and Miss Tomkinson were so impressed with how brilliantly we worked as a team and handled our new tablets!

Working really hard!and again!

Keep watching our blog to find out what we’ve been learning and what else we can do with our new tablets!

This is a cool way to find out new things!Neil Armstrong group showing fabulous team work!Miss Read and Tyreece watched cool clips to find out about Neil Armstrong!"Look what I found Dylan"


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