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The Wolves in the Walls


Wolves in the walls

Author:   Neil Gaiman

Title: The Wolves in the Walls

Date of Publication:  2007


AR Level: 3.9


Summary of book

The story is about a girl called Lucy who lives with her brother, mother and father. She hears some strange noises coming from the walls of her old house and thinks that it is wolves. The story tells what happens when the wolves DO come out of the walls!
This book is a picture book with some amazing, thought provoking illustrations. It is a little scary though and may scare very young children.


Who should read this book?

Most people will like this book. It is really fun to read aloud (I read it to year five) and they really enjoyed it. However, I think very young children may find it a little too scary. Some of the illustrations are a little worrying at times – although all turns out ok in the end.


Who are the main characters?

Lucy, her brother, her mother and her father.


What can I learn from it?

You can learn a lot about illustrations from this book. Also, the text is written a bit like a calligram – the font of the text matches the meaning of the word. It’s set out a bit like a graphic novel so is very interesting to look at. It uses a LOT of onomatopoeia so if you’re learning about onomatopoeia in school, this is a great one to read! Also, it is an interesting play on ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ so it could be linked to that.



Ownership, family, truth, lies, courage, animals, scary stories


What will excite a reader?

The illustrations are amazing! The author is excellent at building up tension and he chooses just the right words to explain the sounds that the creatures are using. It also has quite an interesting twist at the end!


What did Mrs T think of it?

I loved it! I read it to 5P and they all enjoyed it too. Some of 5P even asked to miss their fife lesson as they wanted to hear what happened in the book! It took about 25 minutes to read and we were all interested all the way through. I can’t wait to read it to another class!