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Accelerated Reader Stars – 28/02/14


This week’s reading stars are:

1st 100%

Ben D – 3O

Riley D – 4BL

Chelsea H – 4BL

Leonie – 4A

Hayden C  – 3O






5th 100%

Lewis M – 5p

Josh N – 4a

Kerry B – 3O

Tyler B – 3O

Callum – 4A






10th 100%

Myles – 4A

Kamrun – 4BL

Tyler – 3O

Mercedes – 6P







30th 100%

Daniel – 4A

100% Club


This week we have some new children joining our 100% club. These children have achieved their first 100% on Accelerated Reader this week!

Aaliyah – 4A

Callum – 4A

Daniel – 4A

Keira – 4A

Trinity – 5S

Keira-Tate – 5S

Well done to you all!

I look forward to awarding you your 5 x 100% certificate!

Riders Junior School Ready Readers!


We now have three children who have achieved more than 5 points and have earned the Ready Reader certificate!

The children are…

Charlie (5S)

Lewis (5P)

Elsie (5P)

Congratulations! You three are now working towards the independent reader certificate!

What are you working towards with Accelerated Reader?


On Accelerated Reader you can work towards lots of different certificates which show how you are progressing through your reading. Here are the different levels you can work towards and how you can achieve each of the levels.

Ready Reader

Earn 5 AR points on books.

Independent Reader

Read independently and pass Reading Practice quizzes for 3 books at a 1.2 book level or higher.
Earn 10 more points.  (You need 15 now in total)

(Points earned for Ready Reader are not included!)

Rising Reader

Read independently and pass Reading Practice quizzes for 3 books at a 1.6 book level or higher.
Earn 10 more points in independent reading. (You need 25 now in total)

Super Reader

Read independently and pass Reading Practice Quizzes for 3 books at a 2.0 book level or higher worth 1 or more points each.

Advanced Reader

Read independently and pass Reading Practice Quizzes for 3 books at a 3.0 book level or higher worth 2 or more points each.

Star Reader!

Read independently and pass Reading Practice Quizzes for 3 books at a 4.0 book level or higher worth 4 or more points each.


We already have some Ready Readers in our school! Blog post to come later explaining who they are!



Mrs T’s progress through Accelerated Reader


As many of you are working through Accelerated Reader and taking your quizzes, I am too! I’ve set myself the challenge of being the first member of the school’s Millionaire Club and then welcoming some of you in to it later on in the year. I know some year 5 children that are already working towards it!

After you’ve taken a quiz, your dashboard will be displayed which shows your progress through Accelerated Reader. Here, you can find out how many words you have read. Here is mine:

AccReader progress so far

I am quite proud of myself as I have read over 300,000 words but I also noticed that 100% of the books that I have read are fiction so I need to broaden my reading and try reading some non-fiction books. That’s the challenge I’m setting for myself!

What challenge are you setting for yourself?

The 100% Club!


This is going to be the first of many posts where we celebrate the children achieving 100% on their Accelerated Reader quizzes! Let’s remind ourselves of the awards:

1st 100% = sticker in assembly

5th 100% = certificate in assembly + free book!

10th 100% = certificate in assembly + another free book!

Let’s see how we’ve got on so far:

4BL 100%ers

Well done to Megan, Reece, Jem, Thomas S, Levi and Charlotte who have all achieved their first 100%

5P 100%ers

Well done to Katherine, Bridget, Jamie, Brandon, Amy, Kai and Terri who have all achieved their first 100%

Kaci has achieved 100% on two quizzes

Grace, Elsie and Ethan have achieved 100% on THREE quizzes so far!

Saffron is the first in the school to earn a certificate for 5 100%s – well done Saffron!

5S 100%ers

Well done to Shayla, Leanne and Dylan who have all achieved their first 100%

Charlie, Alfie-Lee and Archie have achieved 100% on two quizzes

Maria and Shakira have achieved 100% on THREE quizzes so far!

Members of staff

Mr Blake-Lobb has achieved his first 100%

Mrs Tunnicliffe (me!) has achieved two 100%s so far

New library assistants coming soon!


With all of the improvements in the school library, including the introduction of Accelerated Reader, our library assistants are going to have their work cut out for them this year! Last year our library assistants kept the library clean, tidy and organised. Sadly, they’ve now moved on to Park Community School so we are looking for some new library assistants! We have six spots available. Three will work during lunch times on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and three will work during lunch times on Tuesday and Thursday. Every child in the school had the opportunity to apply for a job as a library assistant and each had to fill out an application form, explaining why they thought they would be a good library assistant. I will be announcing the successful applicants tomorrow (Monday 30th September) and they will start their training this week!

I will post photos of the library assistants on my blog so that you know who to call if you have a library related query.

Good luck to all of you who have applied – I’m looking through the applications as I type and it’s proving to be a very tough decision!

Accelerated Reader is coming to Riders!


In September we will be rolling out Accelerated Reader to the whole school.

What does A.R do?

Accelerated Reader helps you to choose books that you can read and enjoy. After you’ve read your book, accelerated reader provides you with a quiz which checks your understanding of what you’ve read. This means that you don’t just  read your book, you need to understand what you are reading – a very different set of skills.


How will I know what level I am?

You will do a short quiz online and that will tell your teacher what level to start you on. Your level will be a number like 3.6, 1.5, 0.6 or 2.7.


How can I go up a level?

When you’ve read a book you do a quiz. You can do this quiz in the library, in the ICT suite, in your classroom or even on a netbook. If you get 100% on a quiz, you can go up a level – it’s that easy! So, if you’re on level 2.3 and you get a 100% on a quiz, you can go up to level 2.4.You only need to double check with your teacher when you are changing colour bands – this means if you are going from 2.9 (green) to 3.0 (blue) you will need to check with me, the librarian or your teacher first.

Remember: Your teacher and I can see the tests you’re taking and we will know if you go up a level.


Where can I find Accelerated Reader books?

Accelerated reader books are available in the school library in a separate section (underneath the playground windows). Each book is labelled up so all you have to do is find a book at your level – easy!


What happens if I get 100% on a quiz?

If you get 100% on a quiz, not only will you go up a level, you will also go on Mrs T’s 100% board AND, for your first 100%, you will get a sticker in assembly.


What else can I work towards?

After you’ve got your first 100% you can work towards your 5 100% certificate. When you get your fifth 100% you’ll get a certificate and a FREE BOOK to take home! The same will happen when you get to your tenth 100% – another certificate and another free book!!

Accelerated reader is also clever enough to count the number of words you are reading. We will be looking out for children to join our Millionnaire’s Club. If you read 1,000,000 (one million) words in the year, you will be invited to Mrs Tunnicliffe’s millionaire’s club. This means that you will be invited to the Millionaire’s Club in the library every week where there will be tea, cake and goodies!! This club is open to adults and children – but everyone has to read 1,000,000 words before they attend – including Mrs Tunnicliffe!!