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Got a book suggestion? Do you think that there’s a book that I should read and review? Comment on here and let me know.

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“Suggest a book for Mrs T”

  1. February 19th, 2014 at 5:23 pm      Reply kk Says:

    Mrs Tunnicliffe love your blog you could keep us a little more posted on the very exciting things that are happening right this moment, hope on hearing more from you amazing blog!

  2. February 19th, 2014 at 5:32 pm      Reply kk Says:

    Oops,I forgot to suggest my book…


    I would recomend this book for anyone interested in true freindship,trust,hidden love and most importantly family- wich I think anyone would read with a cup of tea,abiscuit or two and some relax!

  3. February 24th, 2014 at 4:38 pm      Reply Mercedes Paxton Says:

    This is my story so far Miss.

    Darcy stared blankly up at her bedroom ceiling, the mirror she’d stuck up there in 8th grade reminded her of all the tear stained memories her and Ben had shared. But none of them mattered now. He was gone. Vanished from the world by an old Ford Fiesta. Hit and run. So common nowadays. Always the same place, always the same time, always Chevering Street, on the outskirts of New Jersey. Chevering Street: specific hit and run destination in the USA. That was last years biggest news headline.

    Darcys thoughts were interrupted as the ringing chime of the doorbell filled her ears. She glanced out of the window to see who it was. Mr and Mrs Marvelo. The parents of her dead bestfriend, Ben Marvelo. ‘Not now’ , she thought. For a split second, she thought her Mother or even her Father would open the door. But no. They were on the other side of the earth, England, Birmingham, to be exact.
    Darcy blinked slowly as she arose from her laying position. Abruptly, the doorbell sounded again. Darcy ran to the stairs speedily, whilst her mind wondered why the Marvelo’s were here.

    After she’d opened the door, it was like there was a wall between them, as the silence, in time, disintegrated; Mrs Marvelo flung her arms around Darcy’s neck. However, Darcy’s eyes weren’t on Mrs Marvelo, they were closed. Trying to hold back the tears, but failing, Mr Marvelo cleared his throat roughly. “I think, I think you know why we’re here Darcy, am I correct?” He questioned unknowingly. “N-no I don’t Mr Marvelo,” Darcy choked. It was then she realised he was holding two envelopes, one thick and the other thin. Then it dawned on her that the envelopes weren’t just any old envelopes. They were invitations. Funeral invitations. Confusion spread across her face as she took the two envelopes when they were handed to her.
    “One is a letter we found adressed to you from Ben, the other is an invi-invitation. The larger one holds two letters. One from Ben, and one from your parents,” Darcy looked sorrowfully at Mr. Marvelo, who had been close with his music-loving, heart-throbbing son. Suddenly, her phone vibrated in her pocket. It was her Mother. “Sorry, I have to take this,” She mouthed the word ‘Mum’ as she answered the IPhone 5C. “Hey Mu-,” she was interrupted by her middle-aged Mother. “Get out of the house. Your home alone, your not safe,” Darcy thought she was going mad, ‘not safe’. “Mum I’m not home alone, the maid is here,” Mrs Maclain threw a startled look to her sleeping husband, “Darcy, pack a bag, take my purse and your Fathers wallet and get. Out. Of. The. House.” “Why?” She replied. “We don’t have a maid!” Darcy stood there. Astonished. Frozen. Scared.
    “The Marvelo’s are here mom, I’m sure they’ll keep me safe,” Darcy finally said after a long moment of silence. Hope rose is Mrs Maclain’s eyes as she told her daughter what to do.”Tell Mr Maclain that Zreeda has found us and that he is looking for Arozeth. Tell him that Sartron isn’t dead! I love you!” With that she screamed. The phone line went dead.
    “Mom! Mom! No!” Tears rushed down her face as the phone fell to the ground. “Mr Marvelo, somethings has happened to my mom and dad. She said,” she could barely speak, “she said to tell you that Zreeda found them and that he is looking for someone called Arozeth.” Mr Marvelo looked at his wife. His face was mixed with concern, anger and urgentness. “Did she say anything else? It is crucial that you tell me everything!” He exclaimed.
    Darcy knew she could trust him. “She said Sartron is alive.” Mrs Marvelo did something Darcy never thought she would do, with her son dying. She smiled.

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