Wednesday in Wales

Everyone is having a fabulous time in Wales. Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to today. We celebrated another birthday too!

Learning with Bluebots

Today we went to Year 2 to work with the Magpies class to show them the new Bluebots. These are programmable robots. These can be programmed to move forward or backwards and to turn 90 degrees too. We had a range of mats to use with them as well. Here are the pictures from our afternoon.

IMG_20150224_140958 IMG_20150224_141010 IMG_20150224_141013 IMG_20150224_141556 IMG_20150224_142501 IMG_20150224_142507 IMG_20150224_142515 IMG_20150224_142528 IMG_20150224_142540 IMG_20150224_140704 IMG_20150224_140711 IMG_20150224_140809 IMG_20150224_140822 IMG_20150224_140834



Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2014

We will use this advert as a stimulus for our Big Write on Friday. Have a look at it to remind you what happens in the video:

World War One Geography Challenges

Match up the European countries.

The opposing sides in World War One were:

±The Triple Alliance – made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy

±The Triple Entente – made up of Great Britain, France and Russia

Focus on the location of these countries in particular


Click on the pictures of the quizzes to play them:

Europe Puzzle



Europe Quiz


Diamond 9 Blog by Kieran Hurry


This is my diamond 9 that I did in English. If you want have a go click the link below. What you have to do is sort it in the order you think is the most effective for you as a reader.