Our ‘Empty Classroom’ Day


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Last Thursday we joined in with, ‘Empty Classroom’ day. Schools all over the country agreed to do their learning outside. It was a beautiful sunny day so great to be outside.

Phonics – Practising letter formation and writing words with the phoneme ee, y, ea and e_e

Phonics run-a-round! – Run to the adult who has the phoneme….

We collected leaves and twigs to make our pictures. We make made pictures from natural things in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

In the Willow Dome we laid down and watched the clouds go by.






Our trip to HMS Victory.


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What a busy day!

We arrived at the dockyard at 9.45am. Good job we remembered to bring our snack as  we were hungry already!

Foxes started their day exploring HMS Victory. The teachers had to watch their heads as the ceilings were so low.

We looked at where the meals were cooked and where the sailors would have eaten their food and slept.

We then  sat down to sketch the ship..

We also looked around the Naval museum and saw a model of Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson… he wasn’t very tall!

After lunch we had a workshop where we learnt about the food they would have had on board ship, the clothes they wore, the medal Nelson was awarded, how to tie knots and found out more about Nelson.

Did you know Nelson was sea sick every time he sailed?

We had a busy day and we are enjoying lots more about Nelson now we are back in school. Ask us some questions you’ll be surprised by how much we know!

The Test!


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Did out boats float or sink?


Most of them floated!!!

Sink or Swim!


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Here we are at the start of the Summer Term!

Our new topic, Sink or Swim has started by us all building boats. We looked at lots of different boats.  We talked about what they all had in common and what made them float.

First we tried to make a shape that would float….it took us quite a while to make some play-doh float!


Next we planned and built our boats.
























A visit from Percy the Park Keeper!


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Today we had a surprise visit from Percy the Park Keeper.

We have enjoyed listening to stories about Percy and his friends. This afternoon we suddenly spotted Percy working in our playground. We had been learning about instructions and how important it is to give clear instructions. Then this afternoon we followed instructions to make sandwiches.

We know Percy loves sandwiches so naturally we invited him in to try some of our interesting combinations of fillings.

Percy said he liked Marcus’s sandwich the best. We then had a picnic together.

Thank you Percy for coming to visit us.


A visit from Pirate Pete


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Year 1 had a visit from Pirate Pete who was looking for his Pirate ship. We went to our new reading ship where he read us a story and taught us how to speak like a pirate!

Thank you ‘Pete’ we hope you come back and visit us again soon.

(We think Pirate Pete has a twin brother as he looked very much like our Site manager Paul!)

Red Nose Day!


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Our Red Nose Foxes!

The winners of the best Jokes from our class were Ajay and Dexter.

Their prize was to face paint Miss Shute!

‘ Why did the chewing gum cross the road?….

….because it was stuck to the chicken’s leg!’



Trim Trail March 2017


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Today we spotted a bright golden ball in the sky….Today it was SUNNY!!

We went outside and played on the Trim Trail. It was muddier than we thought and we got a bit dirty, SORRY, but it was lots of fun!!!

World Book Day!


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We have been very busy in Year 1 from RE day and making pancakes to making bread in English. We even had World Book Day. Below are some photos of the fabulous Peacocks in character!

Bread Making


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How does your garden grow?

To launch our new topic, we have started learning a story, using a story map, of Farmer Pete. (It is very much like the story of The Little Red Hen!)

In the story he asks animals to help him grow wheat and then make bread. So we thought we would follow his instructions and make bread ourselves. It was great fun and smelt wonderful! In the afternoon we ate our bread, some of us took it home so you may have tasted some yourself. If you did we hope you liked it!