Maths Day – Fractions


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We have had a great day today learning about halves and quarters.

Jack, from Jack and the beanstalk, wanted to throw a party now that he has lots of money, thanks to the hen that lays golden eggs and all the giant’s golden coins.

He needed our help.

He wanted decorations. He wanted pictures for the bunting to only be coloured in on one half.

He wanted half the sandwiches to be ham and half the sandwiches to be jam. He then wanted to have them cut into quarters.. in different ways!

He wanted cakes to have a jelly tot on one half and a skittle on the other half.

It was hard work making sure that everything was right, that each half was the same size and that all 4  quarters were equal parts.

But…. at the end of the day we went to Jack’s party and then everything seemed ok!

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We have learnt about fractions today  but best of all we have learnt that maths can be ….. FUN!!!!!

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We had lots of fun makeing cakes

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