What a busy day!

We arrived at the dockyard at 9.45am. Good job we remembered to bring our snack as  we were hungry already!

Foxes started their day exploring HMS Victory. The teachers had to watch their heads as the ceilings were so low.

We looked at where the meals were cooked and where the sailors would have eaten their food and slept.

We then  sat down to sketch the ship..

We also looked around the Naval museum and saw a model of Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson… he wasn’t very tall!

After lunch we had a workshop where we learnt about the food they would have had on board ship, the clothes they wore, the medal Nelson was awarded, how to tie knots and found out more about Nelson.

Did you know Nelson was sea sick every time he sailed?

We had a busy day and we are enjoying lots more about Nelson now we are back in school. Ask us some questions you’ll be surprised by how much we know!